Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smoking ?

Maein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya
har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udata Chala Gaya...

Probably that's what guys hymn when they light the cigarette. Smoking seems to be part of life for some, rather as important as food for some. I have always been taken to surprise by smokers with their impulse to smoke. For instance, earlier our office was far from the main road and one
had to walk for 10-20 minutes to reach any shop, which was not of concern for most but it certainly was for those who couldn't get their daily dose. So they waited every day for inter-office shuttle in afternoon, have a sniff and get an auto back. Most of them kept good inventory, occasionally there would be lending and borrowing.

Then, after smoking, a way out, Chewing-gums and Mint chocolates, a must before entering office or to avoid confrontation with parents. That is also important, isn't it ?
One reason for smoking I have heard is that it gives them temporarily release from all the tensions. Is it just the tension ? and you give in ?

One open question from me to all those who smoke,
What do you think of the statutory warning ? - Smoking is injurious to health!

P.S. The question is just to improve my GK on smoking psychology.


  1. @ megha,
    to understand its real psycology, maybe u can take up smoking ! (kidding !:-))
    yes it is an addition. something like some ladies are addicted towards sarees and jewelery.
    but smoking is 'injurious' to health.
    cheers !

  2. Ask any smoker (including me) and he will say that smoking is bad. But as Mark Twain has said I have tried to give it up many times explains the entire situation.

    However in my point of view smoking must be left to each persons private discretion, but after giving due warnings. I smoke but i know the risks, but i don't smoke when someone asks me not due.

    Heard the term "Drink Responsibly" in my view there should be "Smoke Responsibly".

  3. I agree with you Megha its beyond me to comprehend why people smoke

  4. @Vamsi
    I don't have to smoke myself...as it it with so many smokers smoking publicly on streets, its like we are Passive smoking.

  5. @Tarun
    After reading your comment, I feel like iit's 'jaan bujhke kuye me koodna...'

    What do you say ?

  6. @Namita
    I don't think we'll ever know coz from Tarun's & Vamsi's comment's I see that even they don't know why they smoke.... :D

  7. No its not like that.

    Jaundice might have made me a bit itchy with words. But yes its not the "kueen meein kudne wala stuff"

    It is like this, I liked the smell of tobacco, and when i first tried i liked the high it gave me.

    So when i was alone i took on it.
    But I didn't indulged in it. That is what i meant.

    Take it like this if you like oily stuff will you indulge in it? The answer might be 'no'

    Passive smoking happens only when to tend to stand with a smoker who is smoking. Just ask him or her to stop, be firm but be fair.


    PS: If life is just bowl of cherries then you enjoy the cherries ;)

  8. @Tarun
    Are tumko to gussa aa gaya :(
    If I have hurt you, then I apologize. As I had written in P.S the question was just to build up my knowledge and not to challenge anyone.

    Yes, I am enjoying my cherries...coz the idiom means that life is very pleasant.

    Like you said, everyone knows what his/her happiness lies in..be it cigarette or oily stuff (I confess here that do like oily spicy stuff) ;)

    Are you still down with jaundice ? Do take care of yourself.

  9. I love chocolates. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to them, but if tomorrow people say, "Chocolates are injurious to health". That won't stop me from grabbing a chocolate bar.

    I think most smokers are aware that smoking is injurious to health, and their brain can process this information, yet it is an addiction. It is easier to say, "I want to quit" but to apply that statement is entirely a different matter. The knowledge is there, yet it is more about giving in to the addiction to them.

    P.S - I don't understand people that smoke either, but simply adding another perspective :)

  10. @mia999
    I too share the same craving for chocolates :)

    Yea, I understand that it must be the same craving for cigarettes to the smokers, but maybe I can't rationalize coz I am not into it...

    Anyways, I never thought that a small post on smoking will bring so many emotions :)

    Well its good that everyone has different perspective, that proves that we think :)

    Thank you all for sharing your views.

  11. Never smoked so can't answer!!

  12. Thanks zeba for stopping by...


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