Thursday, September 17, 2009

The killer on street

It was cold foggy night. He was alone on the dark street. He could hardly see what's a feet ahead. His mother had said, God is always with you. Though he was never afraid of the dark, for some reason he wished that the fog drifts away. Lately from few weeks an awful news had hit the headlines. He had seen the gory pics of people murdered in cold nights by a serial killer. His motive still unknown.

'Men brutally murdered'

He kept walking. The silence was killing. Only he could hear were the sounds of the chirping crickets. He sighed as he realized that the thick fog was getting clear. A noise and he stopped. The air smelled sinful as if some bad thing is going to happen. Will it be him ? He stood still waiting to for the person to be visible.

The picture was now getting clear and he saw the man's face. He was talking on the phone. A sly smile. He's the same man. His mother's words revived in his ears, 'Those who hit woman are demons. They don't deserve to live' His eyes widened, red with anger. it was just yesterday when he had seen the man bruising his wife. Out of control, he looked wild. He looked up and whispered, See mom, I am ready to send another demon to hell...

Written for Three Word Wednesday


  1. very good story i didn't expect the twist at the end.

    Happy 3WW!

  2. creepy, just when I thought he's the new victim...what a twist and I like the atmosphere you created here, just right for this story

  3. @Daily panic & Lissa
    Thanks for reading :) good to see that you like it....

  4. Eeeeh... Creepy... I was sure he was gonna get killed, but no, he's the killer! Twisted!
    Three Poems

  5. are getting better in your twists :)

  6. Thank you all for reading.

    thats a compliment...thanks :)

  7. awsome megha really awsome this is one of the best i read..very good :)

  8. That was creepy. You know, I always try to guess what the twist will be- and you get me every time! Great work!!

  9. whew creepy. I really liked the twist. Excellent work

  10. @Anirudh, Kay & wordvamp
    Thanks a lot :)

  11. Wow great!
    Please see this link- even this person writes good stories-like yours

  12. Thanks Shweta :)
    Thanks for the link too, I'll definitely go to the site :)

  13. One helluva write.
    Awesomely cool.You let me in inside a serial killer.
    Was just wading through your blog and was stuck on this.


  14. Thanks Harsha :) glad to see that you like it


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