Monday, April 20, 2015


;Quit 0

Pulling inside out
That I dream of at times
But a parts of me are not norms
Not that I am a bad stock

But the mind think of opinions
Given out without conscience
But why should I care
Coz they say I am a social animal

Dump the society
Everytime I tell myself
Look at those girls
Leaving fear on the shelf

Easy said than done
Mind shivers to swim upstream
Their words and looks
so haunt my dreams

Hell with rumors
Hell with opinions
Hell with questions
But they say I am a social animal!

I keep these pages
Written about one I want to be
Nobody looks me there
But their foxy eyes stalk in my dreams

All these pages
Written things not spoken
Haven't helped any better
now it's Body hollow with Soul stolen

I am tired of the regrets
Tired of living somebody I hate
Tired of being afraid
Its time to write goodbye, its too late.



  1. Interesting concept.
    Oh the battle from within!

  2. Coincidentally even I have written somewhat similar. Do read my latest post
    thnk u

  3. Hi, I'm checking in from the A to Z Challenge and wanted to see if you were still planning on participating. If not, no problem, just let me know at hennesss @ gmail . com and I'll remove you from the list. Thanks!

    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy


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