Saturday, April 18, 2015


c Protector d

Don't worry, everyone said
Things happen, good and bad
I am not here to talk about the end
But to listen

By you I will stand
You have been through too much
Over and over at the receiver end,

Why did you endure
Why not fight back
Why not say it's enough.
They have not treated you well

For once, forget those days
Wake up, there is still love in your shell

All the worries are over, for rest
However sad the break may feel
Believe me it's for your best

Today is a new day
A new beginning ahead lay

Days will change
They will be beautiful again

Someone will bring love
You will be his queen.

But then, would you recognize him?
Will his love reach you?

I am coming to take over the bad
No more I care of when and how

To give me a chance or not
I leave in your hands now


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  1. Thoughtful and beautiful read.
    I love this line:
    Wake up, there is still love in your shell


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