Saturday, April 11, 2015


XJourney .

The silence sounds beautiful
The noise goes unnoticed
His slumped stature
Looks around dispirited

People looked frenzy
With the goals and purpose
Like struck with luck
Life bubbling with thirst

If he could understand 
Whats written for tomorrow
Why was he chosen
For the dark sorrow

The unknown is cruel
It tears him inside
Why couldn't he know
And save his stride

But struggle is written
For him and all
But why for others its easy
When he has to crawl

He has to find out
What are they happy about
What is life to them
When for him its a Doubt

Will he find out
Or assume a deal
But assumptions he hate
And will seek for real

What is life
Why it is a secret
Dictionary says beautiful
When he saw hatred

But he will search
Travel lands and cross the seas
Finding love and life
Whatever it needs

One day his eyes would see the dawn
The rainbow florish
So is his dream
Now that the journey has began



  1. this is soo beautiful! Loved reading it! :)

  2. One word - Beautiful Megha :) Wonderful!

  3. Hi Megha .. it's a long long journey .. so well written - he has much to find and work out ... cheers and I hope you're enjoying the A-Z and meeting some new bloggers .. cheers Hilary

  4. Hi Megha .. thanks for coming over to my blog .. and for noting the problems you have it with it .. others have said how easy it is to read .. especially for those of us who are getting older. But that's fine ...

    Cheers Hilary


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