Thursday, April 02, 2015



The summer sun shines
The rain have created the puddle
We jump into them
The rainbow above appears
Our giggles spreads around
And the cool breeze blows
I see them two kids grow every moment
But the distance between them grown

She says the three words
But the breeze carry them astray

She runs shouting the words
But he seems to be gone away

She looks around the trees
Behind the stony house
Up the mountain
And down the road

The two are still there
I can see ...them together

But he’s lost in something
Right in front of her

And she searching
Calling him and crying
They still can't see (sigh)
They still can't see



  1. B for brilliant! I have a problem with unrhymed poetry, but yours seem to be converting me :)

  2. Wonderful portrayal. I read it twice and I am sure I got it and what I see, it's beautiful. Really looking forward to your poems Megha now! You need such more challenges I would say! :) Best Wishes..

  3. Beautiful imagery with this one.


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