Thursday, April 09, 2015


l Healing l

To see you in that bright smile
From here, lying on the bed
Is something I want to wake up to
And refill the draining spirit of mine

Your smile that spells
Pulls me back from that darkness
Again and again, against the fate
Every night, I have a reason to wake

The brightness also hints of something
Something broken, some part dead
My body's broken
But my heart hurts more to see you sad

Not that anything can be done
And it comes down to the dusk
When you look into my eyes
And I drown in yours

That promise you take from me
Without uttering a word
My heart speaks thousand words
A promise to open my eyes to you, it murmurs

I want you to feel
I want you to know
My heart is filled with love for you
No matter what happens to me, today tomorrow



  1. That's such a beautiful flow and love Megha :) Loved it :) Esp the flawless flow of love and the right beautiful words :) A superb job here :) Keep writing!


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