Monday, April 13, 2015


r Knife m

Do you know the feeling
of the knife dug in your heart? 
That fear which will expose itself
That'd kill you before a start

It is easy to smile
And carry that mask around
But in the mystic dusk
It tears you open like a hound

There could be two lives
And could be two faces
Why could that be frightening
To show one of its traces?

Not everyone will understand
Many ready to pounce
You could see through their mask
Yet afraid to announce

It is killing
To smile and walk like a doll
Yet you smile and clap
And slowly slide down the black hole



  1. What a thought provoking piece. I have enjoyed popping in from A-.Z

  2. Cutting piece of poetry. Hope you are enjoying A to Z!!!!

  3. The dark ones are epic.


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