Friday, February 13, 2009

Sports – In India, its synonym for cricket

There are few things that Indians are CRAZY for. And one of them is Cricket.

For those who are not aware, our national game is Hockey. But it never got the credit it deserves.
In India, there’s only one sport that maximum public watch – Cricket.

Every match is watched in every home. Every match is discussed in detail.
On every holiday, you’ll see guys playing cricket in the streets.
Every child learns cricket by default.

Our adulation towards our heroes is not less crazy. They are our heroes when we win matches. But dunno how they suddenly turn to villains when they loose.

There was a time when people watched five days test matches. As time went on, humans started loosing patience. So One-day matches were introduced for them. Now as we can’t wait for anything in life and want things in the speed of thoughts, 20-20 matches are introduced.
The funniest thing that we saw with the introduction of the 20-20s was the Auction. Ironically, when the companies are laying off people on one hand, we could see millions been spent on one player.

But one name I want to mention here is Sachin Tendulkar. He is the best and has done India proud. He is the real Master blaster. Sachin, we love you !


  1. I seldom watch it anymore. Not after, all those match fixing stuff came up. A real blot on the game. Any game for that matter..


  2. It's interesting, when your team loses we say, They lost! and when they win we say, We won!

    Nicely written information!

  3. I used to go to Old Trafford now and then - not for the football, to see Lancashire play cricket. Some all-time greats of the game, including Clive Lloyd, and of course Faroukh Engineer.

  4. Sachin is GOD to us and we are like, obsessed! I'm proud and happy to be so ...

    Cricket is religion and Sachin is the one worshipped!!

  5. Yea, Sachin is God.To many of us. Really admire him, starting from just 16 at age, he is now the milestone for others.

    I wish his glory will continue in coming years too!

    gautami, watch 20-20 it will get you back ;)

    Stan, so football is your favourite ?
    Its been followed in Bengal,East India where Maradona is adulated. Seems he is the God of football..Am i right ?


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