Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's funny how she met him!

It was around 5.00 in the evening. Unlike every Sunday I was at home. I was solving Sodoku puzzle, which is my favorite pastime. I could hear some noise from the balcony. It would be the teens playing cricket, I thought. I never understood the enthusiasm of Indian guys to play cricket every single day they get off. I just shrugged.

But the noise kept creeping. Till then my sister came hurriedly by me. She was buzzing with excitement as if she just won a million dollar lottery. She went directly to the window. I followed her. It was pure chaos, disarrayed crowd. Every person in the rabble was looking up somewhere. Some with mouth open with astonishment while some unstoppingly shouting. I followed their eyes. I almost jumped out of my skin. A man was lying on a window hood unconscious. Thankfully it wasn’t too small. I could see bottle by his body. How did he reach there? Was he attempting suicide? “People say he wanted to attempt suicide”, my sister shared her knowledge. In my mind, I tried to validate her words but couldn’t. Why did he sleep then? Is he asleep or unconscious?

Suddenly something hit me. “Did somebody call the Fire brigade?” ”Maybe. It’s been long. Somebody might have called”, my sister said with indifference, enjoying every moment of the drama. As I made up my mind to call and was about to turn, my sister giggled, and pulled my hand. I looked at her. She murmured, “Look that guy is looking at you” “What?” I said. “15 minutes have passed he is looking. Something’s cooking…hmmm” she made a crazy sound as she said. I looked at the direction she pointed. In the balcony opposite to ours, a handsome guy was looking towards us. I couldn’t make out to who he was looking. Suddenly he smiled. I smiled inadvertently. I realized I did like him. My sister kept humming as I kept looking at him.

Suddenly we heard something. The drunkard man was back to conscious. He was shouting, cursing. Everyone was trilled. Nobody knew what would happen next. Then we could hear the fire brigade siren. Everyone sighed with relief. I smiled and looked back to the opposite balcony. The guy was still looking. He smiled.

--Written for Three Words Wednesday (Disarray Rabble Validate)


  1. What a lovely find and commentary on the human disconnect that crowds and swarms elicit.

    Such a lovely bit of observational writing and sly commentary, especially when our sodoku solver is roused to concern, and then forgets it as she sinks into crowd think herself.


  2. interesting two sets of realities here!

  3. yeah, what they all sed!!!

  4. Yes, I liked the two scenarios developing within this one portrayed a very vivid picture of a real life moment.

  5. Thanks for reading and appreciating friends !!
    Keep reading !


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