Monday, February 09, 2009

Ain't Spiritual development important ?

I see everyone just running to cope with the fast life, this includes me too.
We strive hard, stress ourselves just to be updated with the current world, to earn more salary, to earn more luxuries.
But are we satisfied ? No. We aren't. We still want more, and more.

We are so concerned with our personal and financial development. We keep trying but we are never satisfied.
Just try to sit for 10 minutes alone secluded and ask yourself if you are happy with what you have. I am sure you won't.

We keep looking for happiness outside. But we should understand the happiness lies beneath, within us.
We would never be satisfied with our material needs. This is when the need for spiritual development comes into picture.
You never have targets or goals when you take the spiritual path. So every little prayer or spiritual thoughts gives you satisfaction and happiness.

just think yourself as a person who has lived his full life and is at his end. When assessing yourself, what do you think you have achieved ?

You do not carry wealth, property with you to your next birth. Nor you take with you the memories or experiences.
As per Hindu religion, you only carry your good or bad deeds in the form of Karma and your spiritual knowledge to your next birth.
Your next life could be luxurious or poor depending what Karma you do now. Also if you have spiritual interest in current birth and by any chance you stopped at a point.
You resume at that point in your next birth. So you always build up on your spiritual knowledge.

Now the question is how are you going to develop your spiritual knowledge ?
Actually, you don't have to worry much about Karma. You just have to see that you do good. You have to be faithful and have to owe everything you do to God.
Get a Holy book and read at least one chapter every day. Doing this everyday will help you get more closer to God.

Chanting, reading or listening to holy books or about God is superior to Karma. So its the ultimate solution to salvation.
You don't have to cut yourself to lead a ascetic life, but just have to think about God.

So now, when analysing yourself, just think what Karmas and spiritual knowledge you are going to take yourself with you to next birth.
Coz that is more important than what materialistic things you have achieved. Isn't it ?


  1. A very thought provoking post. You said it right. Most of the people don't realise the value of inner happiness! We should be happy from within and that can contribute a lot in our work as well

  2. Thanks Harish for appreciating. We all should think about it. Out of our busy lives, we can take out some time to think about God.

    Thanks for reading!


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