Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adam and Eve, Happily married ?

Eve asked Adam “Why do you love me ?”

Adam replied “Because there nobody else around.”marraige2

“I won’t talk to you” replies the angry Eve.

The disputes might have come to us in heritance from Adam and Eve.

When we fall in love, the whole world seems to be a beautiful place. We are cheerful, enjoy everything.There’s nobody more trustworthy than him. We confide in him.

Then days pass. Your relationship grows. You get committed or get married. You are happy.

The after some time, gradually things starts changing. Your partner’s certain things start annoying you. Then there are arguments. Arguments get into fights. Suddenly you feel this is not the same person whom you have loved.

When once, his larger problems were trivial for you, now even his trivial problems starts annoying you.

When once, you were an open book for him, now you feel he is a closed book for you.

When once, he was the only trustworthy for you, now nothing could be confided to him.

The interesting part here is, your partner feels same for you.

I want a life without quarrels, only peace and happiness.

But the question is, Is it really possible? But when I look at my parents, I am relieved. They are with each other for 26 years, still happy with each other.

Because they know the secret to happy marriage. Whenever there was a argument, one of them takes the back seat. Else in no time it may turn out into big fight. But off course, there should be understanding between the two.

Down the line, these fights seems so small, and to think a fight over the issue seems funny. Isn’t it ?

Written for Sunday Sribbling:Trust


  1. I got married in 1980, still doing well, but you are right, someone has to give in to stop a fight in its tracks and yes it often seems too trivial later on to have been worried about in the first place.

  2. i wish down the line and the life i will eventually chose the small fights are as small as the cause.. cuz i'd like to ensure peace always.

  3. सामाजिक बनना है तो रिश्तों में बंधना ही पड़ेगा।

  4. I think I addressed this question on today's post. Otto and I disagree about many things and will argue about them until I am in tears. What I trust in is the love that is always there. Both of us are stubborn and determined, and I wouldn't have it any other way. That loving trust can't take place except between equals, and neither should subordinate his or her ideas to those of the other. But each should be willing to listen to the other.

    Long lecture! Forgive me.

  5. Thanks friends for your comments. Its good to see that many share my thoughts.
    Since we are all different personalities, there would be difference in opinion.
    But we can make love as our strength. Isn't it ?
    Granny Smith, forgive me for this lecture ;)

  6. What a great post...I agree with your thoughts. There definitely has to be compromise between both partners.

  7. Good story.....What an awesome story......... Thanks for sharing.....

  8. The intro to your post reminds me of a poet who once wrote her idea of a conversation between Eve and Lilith, Adam's "first" wife! (It was rather hilarious, actually!)

    I think we are programmed to seek love, but compatibility and love are clearly not synonymous! Also, I think we inherit our parent's expectations of what should make a relationship work, instead of striking out into the forest of love on our own, making our own compatibility, and continuing to evolve as individuals as well as lovers....

  9. @Pluto
    Thanks. You are right. Sometimes I feel the saying "Love is blind" is true.


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