Friday, February 27, 2009

The Missing Chapter…


We had started early. She was resting on the rock as she watched Vicky taking photographs of the colorful frog, bigger for its kind. It was Amazon, a world full of surprises. She giggled as the frog maneuvered with its prey. The air was pleasant, full of chirping of birds, sweet sound of the river flowing and Vicky’s comments.

Two of them in the middle of Amazon enjoying, ignorant of what was coming.

From nowhere a stream of arrows zapped towards them. One struck Vicky. She screamed as he collapsed. Sensing trouble, he cried as she moved towards him, Run..Run away, I’ll follow. Run. Her heart missed a beat as she took steps back. She turned and started running. Shoving the leaves and branches coming my way, she kept running without looking back, my heart beating harder. Not knowing where she was heading, she knew there’s no stopping now, just running, running for life. A bang, and she fainted.

She screamed as she woke up. The nightmare has followed her. It was third day she had visited the spot, but Vicky was nowhere around. Just indicating what she feared. She couldn't stop crying. The feeling of loosing the most precious in has, was very painful. She knew she could never get over it. Tears didn’t stop. She couldn't stop thinking of him. You are my strength. I can never see you cry. His words echoed in her mind. No, He would never like me this way, torn and dejected. I will live and I will find you. She collected all her strength, picked up her backpack and started waking, still holding his picture in hand.

Not far was the village of the tribe. The huts hiding under the huge trees. In one of the huts was Vicky in tribal wear, tied to the trunk passing through the hut, unconscious. It was a day of celebration, day of festival, day of sacrificing a life to the God.

The words of Vicky had revived her strength, had brought back a hope, a hope of reunion. She kept walking, unknowingly her feet heading the village…

Written for Sunday Scribbling Prompt - Lost


  1. beautifully written!

  2. very well written... i am sure u cn have a backup job in bollywood ;)...lovely..!!

  3. Thanks for appreciation!Hope it was thrilling enough!
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  4. @Amit
    haha...Thanks...Planning to send him some writings, what's say.

  5. And now that we are all eager to find if Vicky became cannibal-feed,you Should Should complete the story :)

  6. @Whiteopal
    It seems, the un-ending stories are not allowing to sleep!! haha...don't worry, i'll try to save Vicky from the cannibals...believe me...but you have to wait ;)

  7. Wooo ... rivetting ... well done, Thank You!

  8. Thank Redness for appreciation!

  9. Your story was shocking, your photo is so serene and taking photos of frogs... and then!!! Wow.

  10. @Tammie Lee
    Thanks. keep reading. Will try to post more. :)

  11. @Dreamer
    Thanks. Keep visiting.

    @Always Thinking
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