Friday, February 06, 2009

Art and Culture? : Come to India!

If we talk about Art, we cannot leave out Culture. We see our Culture in our Art. Isn’t it?

And I cannot find anything other than India, which is as rich and as carried in Arts and Culture.

India is geographically divided in states, the variation has also imbued in the culture.
To be specific, if I travel from Maharashtra to Kerala, I’ll find the two places completely different, even if I am Indian, let alone a foreigner. The living, the food, the language, the dressing, the way of worshipping God, everything changes. That makes it more interesting.

I had got a chance to travel through Europe. That time on the top of the list of places to visit in every city, were Museums and Churches. Likewise, if you come to India, apparently it couldn’t be anything else than Temples. Travel anywhere in India, you would find variety in the temple architecture too. The Lord Vishnu is idol or the avatar is portrayed differently as you travel from Tamil Nadu (Lord Balaji) to Maharashtra (Lord Vitthal) to Orissa (Lord Jagannath). The architecture will definitely pull in your admiration.

One prime facet of Indian Arts is the palaces, castles and forts of Rajasthan and Maharashtra each having it own compelling history behind.

Not to forget the famous Paithani saree of Paitha, hand-woven Sholapur bed sheets, folk songs and dance of different states, more than 200 dialects. Oh! The list is endless.
It’s difficult to pull in everything in one post.

But one thing I cannot forget to mention is the Classical music of India, which you would never ever find anywhere else. Different ragas, different instruments, you cannot stop admiring.
One song, which is a compendium of these, would be the ‘Mile Sur mera tumhara’.

I now discovered how blessed I am to be a part of such a rich culture!


  1. i took an indian art history class and loved it! the teacher even had a guest sitar player in and guest dancers! it was wesome. i would love to visit india for the art and culture. :)

  2. so good to move around india, every chaning, always the same, never similar.
    and the music....

  3. You gave me just enough to pique my interest and cause me to further educate myself.

  4. Thank you for sharing so much of your beautiful varied arts and culture. I would so love to visit India some time - but would need to allow plenty of time to experience the variety of places that should be visited.

  5. Thanks for your comments friends.
    Yes we need plenty of time to travel. Since the places are far. But you can plan properly, to get the best out of visit. But still cannot cover all the places. Maybe can target geographical areas, like West India, or North etc.
    Thanks Floreta for mentioning classical dance. I don't know how I missed to mention it.

  6. Great glimpse at the rich variety of Indian art!

  7. i have read it all, in books, while i was doing history and loved every minute of it.

    it indeed is one place i will want to see with my naked eyes... thank you for the beautiful post

  8. Yeah you are right we cannot forget India in any form of art or culture topics. Since India is a multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-cultural country, no doubt we got so much unity in diversity with these cultures.

  9. I've always enjoyed the few pieces of art associated with India - nice post!

  10. Thanks for your appreciation friends. Will try to bring India more close to the readers.

  11. Like! Mile Sur mera tumhara: I really like the old version that used to come on DD1. The new version is not so good I tried to watch two minutes of it, but ended up ditching it.

  12. ya, the old song is very nostalgic for us to accept the new...i love the classical touch which is missing in the new one


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