Thursday, January 08, 2015

Connection [Part 5]

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Days were passing quickly, these were times of highs and low. He would be happy at times and at times be sullen for days. The uncertainty was eating his heart. And today was not a day of high spirit. "How much more?", he asked her. Two miles more and we complete the circle, she said as a matter of fact. Sighing, he sat down dejected. She sat beside him. Whenever she was short of any task, she would imitate him. However he also had realized, she was recording his actions and reactions learning like a child. At times she responded on her own. Once when he stumbled on a stone, “Sonofabitch”, she had sworn. He chuckled at the memory. 

He saw some metal shining far away. The sunlight shone against the steel into his eyes as if calling. He stood and walked towards it. When he came closer he saw it was a board with lot of buttons. He knew at once what it was. He had worked on many of these before. Board control for war robots. He ran his fingers over the broken buttons, just as his brushed it, he saw a small LED at the corner light up and blink. 

He realized his blunder and a heard a clicking sounds somewhere near. He knew that sound too well, a robot initializing. He looked around frantically stumbling back. He heard a few steps, heavy. When he turned right he saw him, standing steel, seven feet tall. Broken but standing. His left limb was missing and his head tilted due to broken neck. Tuk tuk .. the sound echoed as he saw the right limb taking position, the gun aiming at him. He froze. He never thought death was so close. Aeriel, he whispered under his breadth, it was the only word he could think off. Only if he could kiss her good bye.

He knew he should be running yet he stood there frozen looking into the eyes of the robot which were rotating left and right, trying to focus on it's target, however the damage caused was working in Ryan's favor. Then he heard the swishing sound and like a torrent, something passed him. Next he saw was the red hair before him. Her hands positioned parallel to ground. The fists closed and four nozzles opened at the knuckles from both the hands and the firing started at once. He shut his eyes, hand on ears. When he opened his eyes the steel robot was down on ground and Aerial was on top of him dismantling him. He stood grounded while he waited for Aerial. When she came back she said something but he just gaped at her, his ears were still ringing.

...continued here

P.S:. I am sure some would think this chapter to be unnecessary, however I want this series to be more about the journey than destination. Some things take time to happen. And when they happen they are sweeter. A heads-up, this is going to be series of ~10 chapters. I beg for your patience.


  1. waiting eagerly for next parts after reading five parts in one go

    1. Thank you very much Cifar... glad you like it :) I hope I keep up with your expectations :)


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