Thursday, January 01, 2015

Thank you 2014, Welcome 2015

2014 has been a very good year. A year when I achieved personal and professional aspirations.

As a Writer
If I look back my writing years, I started very well with 140 posts in 2009, however the number kept going down and now for past two years I have been writing ~20 posts a year. The count is not very satisfactory however if I am satisfied with the quality. Personal experience, thrillers have been my genre in the past and have always shied away from writing romance. I am satisfied with the quality with has increased tremendously ans so has the length of my posts ;)

Over the years I stepped out of my boundary and wrote 55 fiction, prose and (to my surprise) poetry. I am astonished to see I have written 36 poetry (3 categorized in "A few Lines") I love writing poetry however it's the spur of the moment when the words flow out, if I decide and sit to write one, the words refuse to appear no matter how much I try, maybe that is it...poetry is about spontaneity!

There were times of black out, when I struggled to write. Many ideas were born and died in my head. Many a times I started with draft but could not finish (at this moment I have 66 drafts). Writing fresh is always easier than pulling up old drafts and try to complete it. During these diffucult times, Blog-a-ton, monthly prompt helped me.

During the end of the year, I teamed up with some wonderful fellow bloggers Amita, Shashank, Karan & Brinda and started a Facebook Page 'Wings of Change' for aspiring writers. It helped me in keeping my blog active. I urge all my readers to join our initiative.

Some of my best writing in 2014 came during dark times...
 - Poetry of Sadness
 - Haven
   Sadness is a hollow conch
      It’s resonance is sedating
         It’s privacy giving space for grief
                And it’s really very cozy in there
 - Divine Intervention

As a Reader

Books I read in 2014 

I took fancy to reading Series, following are some I read (not yet completed all) sorted descending based on my rating - 

I bought Kindle Paperbook (one of my treasure). I realize it has helped me reading more books this year. I got hold of reading short stories and downloaded a few from Project Gutenberg.

I dont have any target but I hope I double (at least) my read count of 2014.

As a Travel lover

I visited Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh in March end (a trip which we had to cancel in 2013) and Jaipur in December. 

I want to continue keep my travel bug and visit some more beautiful places in Himalayas. Some on my list is 
- Nepal (dream to complete in 2015)
- Uttarkhand
- Dharamshala, HP

Some unfinished business to complete....
- Learn Guitar
- Dedicate time to writing
- Do not skip Prompt challenges
- Complete a started story, no more abandoning midway

I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year, May all your good wishes and mine ;) come true in 2015!

Written for Prompt - Recreate yourself in 2015 by Wings Of Change.


  1. Happy new year and definitely there will be many more posts this year and I know they are going to be superb Megha :) Best Wishes!

  2. A very happy new year Megha....
    Very well drafted post..:)

  3. Congrats! :D :D Keep writing! Keep going!



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