Saturday, January 10, 2015


"Tom, please walk slow"

"Oh. Michelle, 65 and slow"

"Yes, my growing age is not getting me faster. By the way what do you think of our anniversary?"

"Anniversary? Yea..Anniversary"

"What do you think we can do?"

"Let me think, I think we should buy us a new TV. The pictures are not so clear and my eyes water if I watch the screen even for 10 mins"

"Huh? I was thinking, why not get ourselves a wedding dress. Not that we have to wear it outside. A simple white gown for me and a suit for you. We will spend our time celebrating at our home, I will decorate it with beautiful roses and tulips."

"I like that idea Michelle. Your feet are slower but your wits have definitely gotten faster with age"

"And where do you think we should go?"

"Ahh! That's another good idea. What do you have in mind?"

"Africa! A beautiful African safari. Wouldn't it be beautiful. I want to see the golden sunrise"

"Africa? I was thinking of Disneyland. Just an overnight trip to Paris is what it will take"


"Perhaps a bad idea. Can you give me my phone?"

When she opened her purse, a colorful envelope popped out. They were a tickets of couple package to South Africa.

"Happy Aniversary Michelle!"

"Oh Tom, you always surprise me. Thank you. And what gift you want dear?"

"Oh! That? You already gave me"


"The little angry face! You have been sweet and supportive throughout our marriage. This first time when you twisted your beautiful face, you looked sweeter. That was my gift.

"And now this beautiful smile that is always blossomed on you, is another gift....But Michelle.. one thing.. you gotta get faster lest the African lion gets you", she poked him and they laughed together.

Written for  Picture Prompt by Wings Of Change.


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