Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Connection [Part 7]

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It was dark. He had eaten nothing, not that he had any appetite. Things had changed so sudden. He lied down and watched the sky with indifference, once it looked beautiful today it looked empty. He decided to plan, to think of survival ... but every time he started it always went back to her. Her expressionless face, and once in a while the prize of unexpected smile. Her imitation of him. Her singing, which was more like playing a recorder. Her technological idiosyncrasies, putting out a finger and purifying water. Her climbing up the trees like a cat. He missed those boots besides his torn shoes. The shining armor in the dark of night. And above everything, he missed holding her hands, those soft hands. Aerial, he whispered with eyes closed. The red hair blew before his closed eyes. Fool, he thought of himself. She is a robot.

Good Night, he heard a whisper. 

When he looked, she was lying beside him. He jumped up, the way things were turning, he would soon go mad. “Stupid” he said and laughed. He laughed hard, he laughed till his stomach hurt while she looked at him with button eyes. Why was he laughing? Something was very funny..he didn't know..he was still laughing. There was water in his eyes. She is back, probably that was it. Aerial, he said finally taking her hand, growing somber, his voice a mere whisper. He shook his head. Ariel, he couldn't say anything else, not that it would make sense to a robot. 

After some time he finally got hold of himself. “I thought you left me”, he said. 

“I got a signal”, she replied.

“Signal?”, he sat up.

“31° 58' N / 99° 54' W. Direct distance is ten miles. We will move tomorrow”, she answered.

“You went there?”, he asked.

“I wandered. And as soon as I got the coordinates, I turned back”, she answered to which he just snorted, Stubborn. “Are you hungry?”, she asked. He shook his head.

“Just need some sleep”, he answered lying. She lied beside him. 

“How many are they?”, he wondered, “And who are they?”.

“I don’t know. But you will not be alone anymore. Isn't that exciting?”, she said with a hint of human excitement.

“Very much”, he said plainly. I wasn't alone, not with you. He turned to her, watching, beholding every inch of her. He did not trust his luck any more. A smile lingered on her face and he felt her cold hand reaching his under the blanket.
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