Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ganesh Festival - Part 1

Tomorrow is Anant Chaturthi. Our favourite God will bid us goodbye, leaving us sombre and sad.

Past few days had been pleasant and full of energy. When on other days I refuse to step out of home after being back from office, now I happily agree to have a night tour to these Ganpati mandals.

We encountered a few pandals who were in mission to siphen money out of people’s pockets by giving entry to few people in the pandal at a time and then proposing pass tickets for faster entry. We chose to avoid these and visit where there was no or shorter queue. It’s all together a different feeling, full family stepping out late night, wandering in different galis, each having their own idol.

Following is Ganapati from Anjirwadi Ganesh Mandal, a mandal funded by Chagan Bhujbal.

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  1. Beautiful photographs :)
    Happy festive season to you :D

  2. Hey don't say God will bid us goodbye, Bappa is always with us.

    Nice clicks.

  3. Favorite God!!! as if Gods / religion / are available in buffet and you only have to pick and chose your way to salvation..

    Paid pandals...they are surely have shadowed the fun and frolic associated with puja..the sad trend is catching up in NCR too...

    Nice photographs

    PS: Chagan Bhujbal...????Well does that makes god special..

  4. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Thanks...yes he's always with us and will always be with us :)

    @Tarun Mitra
    Chagan Bujbal, that was just fyi

  5. nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Loveee the pictures!

  7. Thanks cyclopseven & mia for visiting and commenting :)


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