Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foolish hope


Killing is crime
You’ve killed my soul

    Love is like war
    Everything is fair, o dear

I gave you all my love
But you betrayed me

    You knew I flirt
    What'd you expect from me?

I thought you would change
My love would compel you
    Ha! Love's an artistic word 
    Wake up, it has failed you

Will not you come back to me?
I will wait for you

    My life's like a journey in rosy garden
    Every day I start anew

You'll come back to me
If my love is true

    You believe not me but your stupid heart
    Poor chap, your love has again betrayed you...


  1. wow!
    such is life..
    i like the way you have strung up the words..

  2. Such is the heart that clings to its illusion. It is not the love that betrays, its the heart that misinterprets.

    Very nice lines.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. its just wow!
    loved it.....keep blogging...:)

  4. @TangyOrangeSour, B'Asthete, Clouds,
    Thank you :)

  5. The two way conversation, put into verses, was impressive.

    Love is ambiguous, the feeling or emotion, whatever you may term it; and even the word is so.

  6. @Sayak
    Thanks. Welcome to my blog.

    yea, everyone's definition of love could be different...sometimes it also takes form of over's not "simple"..

    Thanks for reading and commenting. keep visiting :)

  7. ?Nice
    Innovative and superlike.,...

    I can understand :P

  8. @Tarun
    I can understand :P ?what?
    Thanks :)

  9. Wise words in few words :) Very nice .. I liked the conversational style :D

  10. So the poem was a completely bouncer for me. I don't get it. Sort of got the meaning, but disagreed with a lot of it. Especially the last line "your love has again betrayed you". Was it even love????


  11. @Mia
    I wish I could have made it much better to understand...actaully here I have tried to put the inner voice of a girl who's in love with an unfaithful guy.

  12. nice poem...but i just have a might sound stupid...but why is it that always a guy is portrayed to be unfaithful... :O

  13. more i think
    greater i sink,i am real takes me 2 new page every day . u cover my whole life ..with few words 2 spare.
    u r photographer or u r programmer... kudos to u r effort ...megha

  14. You have written it quite nicely, and I actually find it really creative. I was confused with the italics and I thought that was the guy's portion, so I wasn't sure about chap in the last line. Either way please don't get rid of the italics, if you do write another poem next time. I liked how you had two different perspectives running at the same.

    Agree with Unruly Rebel! Girls these days aren't faithful too.

  15. @unruly rebel
    yea, its not that guys are the unfaithful always, but in case of infidelity, you will find guys more than girls.

    so u r the guy that gives the girls the nightmares ;) what's the latest count?

    & thanks for the compliment...when u have interest, things work out itself :)

    Good that I got it conveyed to u :) keep giving me the honest opinion, it counts :)

  16. so u r the guy that gives the girls the nightmares ;) what's the latest count?
    hahahahah good one ..
    i really did nt got u ....

    i just saw u r photograph they r just amazing u have any new one ..cya ...

  17. @abhijit,
    seems v both were refering something different while commenting ;)
    the poetry was about infidelity and u said it's like your life ;)

  18. extremely sorry for that ....i wanted 2 say something else..actually all u r blogs is full of life virtual facts. which every every one undergoes but only few can express .and one of them is u.whenever i read u r blogs,i felt each and every line is written for me..mag when can we expect navin kavita ...

  19. lovely for the first time. nice log :)
    take care n hugs


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