Saturday, January 08, 2011

Unsung Song


Walking in wilderness,
Through the way unmarked
Without destination
No expectations or doubts, when my soul will start

I want to walk and keep walking
For no one but for only me
Even if days go by
Without the food or society*

Wild nature and Loneliness
Will it bring me closer to ME?
The soul lost in this freaky society
Will then jerk from it's sleeping spree

That's the destination, it knows
Before it's ultimate sleep
But it's afraid to cross the line
The society is where it's still rooted deep

The society is cruel
With senses, pleasures, holds it strong
Time passes away…the soul never steps out for it’s journey
And dies wailing, his Life song died unsung
- Megha

* society refers to the materialistic society


  1. Have you seen the movie, "into the wild'?

    Running from society, getting closer to oneself, letting the soul free. It's really a quest that one must take. But then there is another facet, the soul is such that it can live free even in hundreds of materialists called society and yet be untouched from their base ideologies.
    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Brilliant...I agree with you completely...

  3. @Blasphemour Aesthete, Niraj,
    Yes, infact Jon Krakauer is one of my fav author. Actually you are right that one doesnt have to take a sanyas to connect to God/universe/soul, if he can do it staying in the society then his devotion is more reliable than otherwise. But Nature has it's own wonders that makes us aware of the God's miracles.

    Thanks for reading and commenting


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