Friday, March 18, 2011

Back from hibernation


Hiya! I feel relieved that I am back. I have been on and off my blog, sad that I know but not doing much about it.  But there are plenty of reasons. One of which is the the great blame of writer’s block, one being a little lazy and the most troubling one is that I had completely forgotten that I own a blog and have the responsibility to keep it active.

So after the big realization of the big ownership, I thought I should write at least something. So here I am. Btw, let me give you the reasons why I forgot about the blog, not as excuse but because I may need some help.

1. I bought Nikon 3100 and spend most of the time experimenting with it, but just indoors. I am very exited about the new buy. I must take some time to step out of home and do some shooting in the streets. That’s the place where the real and interesting stories await to be shot. I need to be less lazy. It’s the Indian dilemma that also refrain me from shooting in street…will anybody mind, what if somebody says something. Not an easy job! Any tips guys?

2. The most important of all the reasons is that I am looking for a property in Pune. We have made a single visit to Pune. We are little confused about the places. I do tons and tons of searching and it worsens my confusion. It’s too hectic and tiring. Anybody from Pune here and willing to help?

Hope I’ll be on track after I settle things out and I could send some time on my blog as well as you people’s blog. I am short of patience and ease. I need more.


  1. Only one suggestion.
    Click, click and click more

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. studied in pune, got a cam as i was leaving pune after graduation.

    Only one comment - Get a place there and let loose your creativity, inspiration in the beautiful landscape that exists near pashan, aundh, is magnificent!

  3. I was about to suggest pashan as well, but I am biased, and I love that area :D I would still say if you can find out from someone that has lived in Pune their entire life.
    What places have you looked at??


  4. where do u from?i guess mumbai.....right.if so would like to know where in mumbai from? would like to suggest u some good places for d clicks!

  5. Baner-Pashan**


  6. i always change with weather

    so many a time i am only get confuse

    what is life all about

    i always mix hobbies with passion and passion with carrier

    and if i am unsuccessful i realize that it was just a hobby....what 2 do ???...

  7. tricks 2 get pics in public
    1) act as u r camera has got some problem remove u r camera do not click immediately some random click and then focus on u r object ..
    trick will work ..
    2) always use the view finder
    3) take u r frnd along with u..
    make her stand where u want 2 take the pic ...kudos u have achieve what u have want .
    4) have u brought nikkor f/1.8 or f/1.4 50 mm lens which will give very good result in u r indoor photography and landscape 2 ..
    5) hope u have brought 55- 200 or 55-300 mm lens for tele photo so object never knows when u have click it...

    now about the pune property ..

    make sure the property dose not belong 2 any other person before buying .i guess u need 2 give in paper also for whomsoever it may concern ..and its not bugging land ..please consult some good property advocate and show all the papers ....c 2 it land is "na" plot if u r going 2 construct a house. and many other things ...

    u stay in vashi then please visit birds flamingos in airoli creek ..sea ...u can take a personal boat for 1500 rs 3 hrs ride ...

    just read essence of Nikon for more help on d 3100 any ways congrats on purchase ...


  8. @BA
    yea thats what I am doing these days...pick any silly object lying here and there and go click click click

    my sisters are tired of being the subject...earlier they were to get clicked but now they run away... ;)

    Thanks for commenting and sharing ur views!

    hmm...aundh is expensive...havent checked pashan..but now i think of it...

    Thanks for commenting and sharing ur views!

    We visited Wakad...the buildings here there every where.....Baner is expensive..i have to check pashan..2 ppl have suggested...have to look. Thanks for commenting and sharing ur thoughts :)

    Thanks a lot for the of now i just have the basic lens 18-55 lens that comes with camera...i thought i'll get the 1.4 and telephoto once i get the hold of the cam...m exited..lets see if i get any better

    about the prop m looking for an apratment..

    Thanks u all for sharing ur thoughts!!!!

  9. might be expensive too. Not really sure. I don't know anything about Pune, so please try to confirm it with someone :)

  10. Hey.. so good to read your blog post..
    I have no idea about property n all.. but I surely am drooling over your NIKON 3100..
    Share some of your clicks..:)
    N do visit my blog to find out why i am going gaga over your cam..

    Keep clicking.. Keep smiling..
    Keep blogging..

  11. Hi, thanks for the comments,


  12. that's great to know that you got yourself a camera!

  13. i would say- Amanora park town near magarpatta!!


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