Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cipher – Part 1

'Homicides on increase' the news was flashing, like it had been for past several days. She, Tina, was merely looking at the canteen TV, her mind wandering over some other thoughts. 'What is it ? Why are you so disturbed ?' her friend  asked her as she drank the juice.

Chant the mantra ....

We’ll follow...Join us...give your feeble body the charge and evil part of mind the creativity and experience the joy of freedom and cruelty. Nothing is more enjoyable than BLOOD!

Tina held the letter forward to her friend. She read and burst out laughing.

'This ? You are worried of this ?', Tina's brows pulled together, with surprise and a bit fury.

'Swati, this isn't the first letter I got....' Tina replied, with startled voice that trailed silently as she completed the sentence. She looked really concerned.

'Just ignore. Really, just ignore. They are spam. Some bullsh* is doing that', Swati said watching her tone, trying to suppress her laughter.


No matter however she tried, but the mantra boomeranged to her mind whenever she was free of work, be it for a second. It was weird, she never felt like this before, the mantra thing was different, like hypnosis, like a spell.

It was dark and unusually sleepless, she had the time. She sat on the floor, legs folded, eagerness was creeping in with every second. With pounding heart she started chanting the words.


The darkness grew before her eyes, the eyelids felt weary and heavy. Slowly the words began to drag until it sounded just burble and then the silence proclaimed.


To be continued…

P.S : I couldn't manage to get a tantra-vidya mantra. Sorry for that. Tried to Google but couldn't get any. Sure there are bad things/mantras on the net, but i couldn't  find one :(

Story is in 2 parts.


  1. Interesting!

    Btw Happy Makar Sankranti!! :)

  2. wow... a post on tantra vidya....:D


  3. if u know sanskrit..then use it ...just mix them us a little

  4. I am waiting for the next part. Do post it as soon as possible.
    Nice start! :)

  5. You tried googling THAT? Don't chant it loudly or else the google servers will shut down!

    Anyways thanks for the "2 part only" intimation cruella!

    Will be waiting for the next!

    Til gul ghe and god god comments kar!

  6. Sounds interesting....
    waiting for the next part...

  7. Where is ze next part..
    Wonderful Sunday and No..NEXT PART?

  8. @Mia
    Thanks dear...tula pan subhecha :)

    thoda fas gayi thi kaam up with next part. would like to hear how u think it is

    haha..I don't watch it...but u know the less we know the more it gets interesting

    Ya , I know, but I don't know Sanskrit...but I like to hear it

    Thanks dear....sorry itna saurabh says ...m very cruel when it comes to story in parts ;) please bear with me ;) tell me whether u like it or not...honest comments are best for improvement :)

    yea...hya veli fakta 2 part...but when i started to write I wanted it pretty short...but u got over 2 parts :(

    btw, tula sankrantichya subhecha
    til gul ghe ani tu pan god god tippany de ;)

    Thanks geeta...hope u'll like the 2nd part as well


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