She door opened after the third bell. She backed a step after seeing the police. “Where’s the girl ?”, she shifted to make the way. The girl was in their sight now but went inside. “You will have to come with us”, she looked at him, the fear clear on her face. They left.

“We have got a complaint from Rao family that you beat your daughter after she married their son Rupesh. Is it true ?” No answer. “You also brought her back from their home against her wishes” They looked at each other, she, the mother was visibly frightened but the father seemed calm.

“No. Its all rubbish. We never hit our daughter. And she came back at her own will, we never forced her.She realized her mistake & she is repenting marrying that worthless Rao. Now can we go ?” “Hmm. But you’ll have to report here everyday. And tomorrow… bring your daughter with you”

The slap left mark on her face. She felt down with the force. “You brought us shame. How dare you marry that road romeo ? That bloody rascal” He kicked her feet. “You have to pay for all this” Another sharp sound as her brother’s hand came down on her face.

“And tomorrow you have to give your statement” they entered, her father and mother. Her father continued, “You are worried about your future and so you want to leave that bastard. You came with us on your own wish. You have to say it”

She tried to stand but her knees were weak. Just one day had passed after she got married and she’d seen things she’d seen never before. Her own people changing. She tried to stand strong. “YOU DO WHAT WE SAY ELSE…” his voice came so wildly, her knees betrayed her, her heart thumped, she fell back to the ground…I have to do what they say…I have to …


P.S. It's so sad that women are still not safe in our so-call free society, and to add to the grief ,the threat sometimes start from within the family

I have been pretty busy with work these days. Past 2-3 posts are from my drafts. Hopefully this weekend I'll get enough time to comment back and visit your posts, there are so many to read. 

Your comments and thoughts are welcome. Hope you like this one.


  1. Good one!! I feel sorry for the girl in the story. I agree women are still not safe in our society, and even family is responsible at times. Sad. One would expect them to be a lot better, but I guess ego and what the society thinks gets to people's head and in the process they hurt their loved ones.

  2. Very true.
    Its the society.
    nicely written and expressed Megha!

  3. @Mia
    The story is true, sadly :(
    It's really difficult to understand what could make one so selfish/wild that he/she can attack their own family...

    Yea. It's society, bloody society...

    Thanks for reading & commenting.

  4. dammm it...if someone does this to my sister...or a friend... i will actually kill the father...x(

  5. Nicely written....and I liked the ending....

  6. @Sid,
    ya, i know, it's really enraging :(


  7. @Sid,
    ya, i know, it's really enraging :(



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