Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mi Premika

It would be dawn in few minutes.She picked her clothes and pushed open the carved wooden door. She started walking towards the river. It was dark with the moonlight sliding through the trees and lighting the dust and grass indistinctly. The insects that flew around were making brief appearance time to time as they flew through the discreet moonlight and darkness. Their fluttering made her smile. It was cold and pleasant. The birds were chirping in a wait for the break of light. The nocturnal insects beautifully complimenting with their harsh but monotonous creaking adjusting the gaps between the chirps. She kept walking. The rustling sound of the river could now be heard. It sent a refreshing fragrance with the wind. Today is Ravivar(Sunday), she thought and a gush of happiness ran through her. She took a deep breath. Ravivar, she thought again. She met Him, Krishna, everyday but ravivar was not like the other days. She found Krishna mystically associated with Ravivar, she didn't knew what exactly. Was it the Ravi(Sun) who brightens everyone's life is like my Krishna ? Or is the Krishna himself the sun. She had experienced nothing less than a God in him, whenever she looked into his eyes. She had now reached the waters.
In few minutes she emerged as a beauty from the river. The first ray of the sun was about to touch the ground, she was ready in her new clothes. The green ghagra with golden lace sang about her womanhood. The dupatta swayed the with the wind rtyhmic with her long silky hair. A bright smile was flashed on her face. She sang, hummed as she walked her curvey style taking few turns spreading her hand in the wind as she smiled and laughed in between thinking of Krishna. She would meet him soon.
From somewhere, the breeze carried the gentle sound of flute, calling her and she inadvertently moved towards it. Krishna was around, the idea of his presence was enough to make her happy. She walked hurriedly, almost dance-like with her curvey walk. He was there, she could see him. But ... he wasn't alone. He was with a gopika, she was gawking at his eyes as he flirted with lock that was brushing her face in the wind.
It wasn't acceptable. How could he ? He is mine, a gush of anger and longing filled her heart. She wanted to grab him from her. Her eyes filled with tears. She jerked around to escape the agitation, couldn't stop sobbing. "Radha", a soft voice called, the golden voice, the voice she was longing for. Before opening her eyes she turned to recheck if they were still there, but it was empty, untouched. He was before her eyes. She wanted to be angry on him but the frown on her face disappeared, it was impossible. "I am angry on you. You were flirting around" "You are special to me Radha. Look in my eyes" the silky voice said, she complied. His dark skin was scintillating. The two eyes just like lotus petals were like magnet, pulling her. He must be smiling as it make the eyes point at the corners which made them look more beautiful. "Tell me Radha, are you angry on me ?" She was already trapped in the eyes but it was a divine trap, she could willingly spend her life in it. "Tell me Radha, are you angry ?" "No", how can she ? He pulled the his flute and dragged her into the sacred dream with her favourite melody...
P.S This was the most beautiful experience of writing to me. I have always wanted to write about the love of Radha Krishna, but I knew it wasn’t a piece of cake.

It’s magical, selfless love that makes me wonder.There’s a song “Mi Radhika” sung by Arti Ankalikar that takes me closer to the divine couple. Do listen. The song, the words, the rhythm, the Flute, it’s really magical.


  1. Hehe...Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravrinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshana- they are the Ashta Bharyas : the 8 principal wives of Krishna :) Other than that, there were 16000 others, whom he freed from the clutches of some demonic king.
    Hindu mythology is weird, isn't it?
    A story goes-
    Once, the sage Narada was curious to know how Krishna was faring with so many wives. So he decided to visit each of their mansions and verify whether Krishna was personally present there. To his amazement, he found that Krishna was not only present there but actively taking part in the various activities of the home. He joined one wife to tend the children, another to graze the cattle, the third to help with the household purchases, and so on and so forth.
    Talk about multiple forms :P

  2. @Rohan
    I wont call it weird, infact I find it very interesting :) I was unaware of that story not even about the 8 wives :) You know pretty much..r u studying literature ? ;)

    btw, Thanks for sharing.

  3. Krishna is God. He has already expanded as the supersoul, the paramatma, and is there in the hearts of all living beings. Whatever God does is perfect and wonderful. Contrary to popular belief, it is not myth, it is history.

    @Megha- To read about Krishna Leela you can always get a copy of the book Krishna, available at any ISKCON temple.
    The love between Radha and Krishna is the highest and most purest form of love between God and His devotee. It cannot be compared to that between a mundane boy and girls. You should be careful about the way you describe Shrimati Radharani. The greatest sages thought carefully even before uttering her name.
    Anyways,simply appreciating Lord Krishna is purifying. He will guide you from within.:)

  4. fantastic writeup..
    you actually got involved in this writeup..right?it shows!

  5. @Shweta
    I don't know if i misused any words. But I believe Krishna has given us freedom to accept Him in any form we like.

    Yes, thanks for reading & commenting :)

  6. @Megha know some stuff. Knew names of radha and satyabhama, but had to google for the others :)

    There are views, and there are views. Ask 2 people who are really in love with each other, and they'll tell you how high and mighty their love is, and not just 'mundane boy and girl in love'. The love between Radha and Krishna is often cited as an example, even in the scriptures. I see nothing wrong in what is written. The Krishna avtaar of Vishnu is a symbol of a householder dedicated to the three aims of life - Dharma (virtue), Artha (wealth), and Kama (enjoyment of life).

  7. Megha, this was a BEAUTIFUL piece! :)

    I had a question though and don't kill me for asking this. I completely respect Krishna, but why did he have 8 wives? I know that Krishna really loved Radha and I accept that completely, but I am still lost on why he had other wives then if he loved Radha. I realize this was long time back, and maybe I should not question this, since it is related to God.

  8. @ megha,

    awesome blogpost on the eternal love between Srimati Radharani and Sri Krishna ...

    i wonder why this came to your mind in this moment ... you been visiting some Sri Krishna temple lately ?

    i am completely clueless as to why you "took time off" to write about this topic. why ?

    cheers !

  9. @ megha,

    also, i liked this desperation of Srimati Radharani to get dressed in a Ghagra Choli and come to her beloved Sri Krishna asap ... who must be also very desperate to meet her.

    i guess, the brindavan is such a nice place, and add to it the romance of the eternal divine couple, its really an awesome feeling to think about it.

    cheers !

  10. @mia999

    If I might answer for her- firstly, there is nothing wrong about asking things, even if its about god. Radha is considered a form of goddess lakshmi, so there goes. Satyabhama became a wife because in the previous birth, she had been harassed by her husband, so vishnu promised to make her his wife in the next. Jambhavati was jambhuvan's daughter, the bear king who had helped Ram in rescuing Sita. There are such stories associated with each. The point is, since krishna was considered a human form of god on earth, any female who prayed to Vishnu for being his wife became krishna's wife. When I say 'prayed', its supposed to mean heavy penance, which God could not refuse (yeah...that's Hindu mythology for you :) )

  11. @whiteopal: Oh woww! I used to follow the Hindu mythology closely in childhood, but then later I don't know somehow got caught up with other things and now I have forgotten a whole lot as well. Thanks a lot though!! :)

  12. @Whiteopal
    no..u can't deny, that's not just some regular stuff, u r knowledgeble in spirituality. It's good...
    & thanks for answering those difficult questions :)

    As I said it isn't a piece of cake. I thought of the whole thing thoroughly and then put it down. I feel everything about Krishna very mystical, like Mia, I had so many questions in my mind. Then I met this girl, a colleage who was very spiritual who implanted this seed in me...and from then on somehow I could connect to the divine, not by rituals, but by chanting and thinking and listening, I get peace and happiness. I feel good. That's when I understood, Spirituality is not just imaginary. It exist.

  13. @Mia
    First of all, thanks :)

    And let me tell you, the more you ask, the more you get to know. As described in Geeta there are different types of Bhakt, and one is the one who studies and explores the texts and wants to gain the knowledge of God.

    As I wrote to Vamsi, earlier I was like you, confused, with half knowledge, I used to get offended by anyone who tried to touched the sacrosanct. But then I read Gita, and I know that my belief is such strong that "not-just-anything" can pull it apart. Now I believe.

    I don't know but if you read Bhagvad-Gita, you'll have many of your answers. Initial pages will be difficult to understand but just go on...later everything will be experience says :)

  14. @Megha: Thank you :) That was very sweet! I'll read it when I go to India like you I used to be very curious and interested in this, as it is I'm quite a curious person at heart.

    A few years back someone asked me, if I read Bhagvad-Gita I answered no, and they gave me this look that suggested "I was such a terrible person that hadn't read it".

    I got mad and offended, because in a way they were trying to question my belief in God and decided to rebel (not intentionally though). I felt at the time I didn't need to prove my belief to that person by reading the Bhagvad-Gita now I am over the incident (pretty stupid to be stubborn over something like that!).

  15. @Mia
    :) hehe ...stubborness is second nature to Taurus :) it's good unless it harms u...

    good that u forgot the incident. u know, nobody should be forced to pray, what's the signficance of praying then ?

    and why wait till u come to India, for reading, u can read it even there right ? no force tough ;)


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