Sunday, January 03, 2010

C’mon start

My neighbour started her engineering last year and my sis this year. When they study together, I often stumble against the terms. And then the memories come back. Then, engineering might not have seemed that interesting but now that I am through, it feels refreshing to go back to the old days and have a laugh.
My sis’s first semester is now over and their exams are going on. That day my neighbour came and was discussing the paper, it was OK, she said, so was my sis’s paper. OK was always an enigma, I suppose I used to say whenever I had no answers. I smiled.

“You know, many time I know the answer but still can’t write!" my neighbour said making a terrorised face. A Oh-I-know-what-you-mean smile appeared to my face.
“I know exactly what you mean”, I said. “It’s like Yes I know this answer, Yes, I know this answer, we keep repeating this to ourselves but our pen doesn't move, this used to happen with me always but once we start we get going. I think it happens out of excitement. But initially it’s like, Start, c’mon Megha start!
The memory was so evident, like, as if I was just yesterday I gave the paper, perhaps the engineering days are carved on my mind. But I like it!


  1. Nostalgic..

    i miss those days

  2. @ megha,

    so true ...

    cheers !

  3. Haha! Another thing I hate is when you walk out of the exam and figure out the solution! (a minute after you have handed in the paper)

  4. @abuv1
    thats the most heart-breaking fills you with an ugly guilt...
    wonderful post...
    exams are the best part of engineering..(results aside ;)

  5. @Socerer
    Yea, even I (some nostalgic memories, but definitely not those exam days)


    Yea, I'd hate to get back to notes to find if my ans is correct or not, and then hated it like anything. Always it turned out wrong :(

    Yea, heartbreaking, and u start cursing yourself.
    Yea, but results had it's own fun. Remember how the rumors used to flee from 1 college to another, making us nervous like anything.

  6. @Tarun
    hehe...ya happens, and it happened all the time with me :)

  7. haha..tell your sis its just the first year. There's more to be had. Actually, most people get so shameless by the final year, that you actually stop bothering about how the paper was, as long as it seems pass-worthy :)

  8. @Whiteopal
    haha...yea...I agree...but I see that she is too fast at even this....already shameless...


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