Monday, January 18, 2010

Cipher – Part 2

The darkness grew before her eyes, the eyelids felt weary and heavy. Slowly the words began to drag until it sounded just burble and then the silence proclaimed. Continued from Part 1

It was a close room, an ancient one, the furniture looked antic and the paint was worn. Her eyes wandered. Where I am ? How did I come here ? I was ...chanting, right ? She wobbled around looking for an exit. As she wrapped her hand around herself, she realised she was wearing a black cloak and the hood was pulled over her head. What's happening ? She was puzzled, and hell scared.

Don’t dare, it was written, is all this all about that ? I am sure I am dreaming....

Zap, she heard a snapping sound, then saw just a blur, something passed too fast, fast for a human eye and then the next second it got still before her.  Someone was standing at ten feet from her. The room was dimly lit, making it difficult to identify the person. The person too was wearing a similar cloak.

She didn’t move, she was curious to see the person’s face, but didn’t wanted to move closer. Tough it didn't look hostile, but it didn't look friendly either. No more risks, enough is enough, that’s was what her mind was firing at her. And she abided. The next second something shifted in the figure that sent an awful feeling inside her. She knew nothing was right. Something bad was awaiting her.

Another shift, and she could see there was something shiny in the person’s hand. She shivered, her knees felt week, she thought she might fall down. She didn’t had to much wait coz the person shifted his hand and she could see it. It was a dagger, a good old regal dagger, the light took the opportunity to touch and flee it. As he rotated it between his fingers, it shot back the light that tried to settle on it. It looked sharp, dangerous.

Suddenly her ears felt warm for a second, Kill her…a rustling voice said in her ears. She gulped the fear, kill HER ?… Else she’ll kill you, she jerked head left and right but there was no one. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She wanted to end this torment, she wanted to scream. She wanted to come out of the dream. Will someone pinch her ? … Kill her! the voice said again but this time the soft voice had a threatening edge. She moved a bit with fear. Her eyes shot at the figure, the female in the cloak.

The person was moving towards her, step by step. She could hear her heavy breathing, the edge, the rage to kill. In no time she would land the dagger down her throat.  She need to move. The steps speeded and the person sounded enraged, with sounds loud. She looked around there, another dagger was lying, as if everything was carefully planted but she had no time. Move fast…her brain snapped. She bent down to pick it. As she stood up, the person was less than a few inches from her face, she could feel her breath. A cold chill passed down her spine, voice choked, she was wet with perspiration. The dragger was near her neck. She hold her tool upright for attack, just then the cloak slid and she saw the face, red with enrage, fear, all mixed up….Swati, her friend….she too had read it…


The news flashed on TV, The Twin killings, yet again. Motive not yet known…

*** The End ***

P.S. -  Sorry for the late posting.I was too busy with work in the week & then with a function in the weekend. I think I should try the scheduling feature of Blogger. Hope I have done justice to the story and you people like it. Share your thoughts. Would like to hear them :)


  1. I liked it. You are really good at writing thrillers.

  2. Nicely done.
    liked it.
    mast ahe!

    ani mala te 'shot back the light that tried to settle on it' ajunch avadla

  3. well executed.
    wonderfully done Megha!!

    You have a natural talent for writing thrillers!!

  4. Well executed....and try writing..leave this maya of engineering...

    And now u have began exploring the dark...good hai

  5. Thanks Mia, Saurabh, Sorcy & Tarun.
    Glad that u ppl like it :)

    Will try to post more of this ilk, more exploration of dark as Tarun said, good hai :)


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