Monday, August 03, 2009

Imraan Hashmi case : A Community issue ?

Latest that hit the headlines was the complaint by Bollywood actor Imran Hashmi after a Housing society declined him to buy a house in their society because he is a Muslim. Even though I feel there is truth in his statement, but I think it could be a partial truth and not the complete truth.

What I mean is that the society has took some form past few years. Today you see that every religion stays in flock, let it be Jain, Marathi, Christian or Muslim. To make it clear, I would mention a society near ours, where only a Gujarati can buy a house. Now in this Gujarati society, even a Marathi Brahmin or a Sikh is not allowed. I think it's just what might have happened in Imraan's case. It's not because his religion Muslim, but it's because it's not the society's religion, then whether you are South Indian, Maharashtrian or Muslim, it doesn't matter to them. Now the question is, is it right ?

Now, the answer could be complex and totally based on perspective. I would just say that, even though we call ourselves multi-cultural and free society, we are still chained by our religion and continue to guess opposite person's religion/caste based on his surname. And this is the approach of every Indian, be it Hindu or Muslim. This is the bitter truth we all have to accept and address the real problem here and not take the issue to Hindu-Muslim divide.


  1. Interesting post Megha. But called me a hardliner this issue I do think was really blown out of proportion by Emraan & Co.

    There is no denying of the fact that people try, in most of the cases, to live within their own community. This community can be anything, like employees of a particular company, a particular profession and even a particular religion.

    But it is also true that in order to instill the new generation with the customs of older generation it becomes absolutely necessary to live with the like ones. Sometimes it is done to prevent the relentless onslaught of TV and foreign culture.

    In the given case, every view has being taken, view of every person has being given prominence except the views of the people of that society, whose name is being maligned just because they didn't gave an NOC.

    But to end, I hope that what Emraan has said might not have any truth in it.

    In words of Salman Khan," if there had being any religious profiling in the society, then there would be no Salman, Shahrukh or Amir."

  2. Thanks Tarun for sharing your views. I too sometimes think if it is a publicity stunt ? with Mahesh Bhatt as co-conspirator. Whenever there is slight hint of religion, Mahesh Bhatt appears from nowhere commenting on the issues, taking the issue to the unthinkable.

  3. May be you are right - it may not have been about religion - but maybe you are wrong, as sadly this does happen - though not that as much as it did during older times.
    When I decided to look for a new place, at one of the places I went to, the landlord was all goody goody till I told him my religion. He then did a voltaface and said that he would consult his family and then tell me. I never called back to find what his decision was - mainly because I found a better place where the owner was not one bit concerned about my religion.
    All I want to say is - this thinking of not allowing people from other community or origin to mix is wrong, and must be discouraged

  4. @Hashir
    Thanks Hashir for sharing your views. Yes there are problems while getting a house as everyone wants to stay with thier vcommunity.

    Well, about your case, it's sad. But it's not with your religion. Every one faces same problem. As I said in my post even Hindus face it. It's just the mentality that one wants only their caste to live it, be it Hindu or Muslim, sadly though.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Guessing religion by surname is fine i guess...i infact like talking to people from different cultures and learn from them...i think its a sad trend where communities still want to flock together.

    I still believe our generation gives a damn as to what religion our friends long as they are there as a good friend. We enjoy each others festivals together.

  6. @Ani_aset
    yea, you are right. For us religion doesn't matter. Thanks for commenting.


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