Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New terror called Swine Flu

Swineflu Mumbai. What are the first words from a non-Mumbai’kar about the city? It's crowded streets & Mumbai trains.  And when the government announces to keep distance from crowded areas, how in the name of God, a Mumbai’kar can abide ?

But like every other cruel advances of Nature or Terrorism, jinxed Mumbai has fought back, so will it, now too.

Now, the most hot topics on the street and in the neighborhood is the Swine Flu. It's the Name that has done more damage than the actual disease. To add to the problem, many people are suffering form fever without qualifying any other symptoms (a kid in my building), which raises eyebrows of most people. Isn't it a symptom of swine flu?

I entered beauty salon, there we were, discussing Swine flu. I reached home, my neighbor was up with the latest news about who in the area is affected. I enter the train, I see 80% of the females with mouth covered. I imagine what if a woman sneezes in a crowded ladies compartment, how would the rest near her will react, the thought itself brings chuckles and some panic too.

Even if the flu entrance has brought fear to people, it has definitely done some good for few. The mask which was actually been sold at Rs.10 jumped to Rs.20 in a week and now it is sold at Rs.40. Well, even though most of the time I have some laugh at the sickness, before getting into a crowded area I don't forget to mask myself too.

After all, as the wise saying goes, Prevention is better than cure.

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  1. A very interesting post to get a feel for what H1N1 is doing in other countries. Thanks.

  2. My grandmother has always said that to me. I hadn't heard it in years and never read it in english before. It's so nice to see the saying used across the world as well. Wisdom exceeds any physical boundaries.

  3. lots of info on H1N1 and i read in newspaper that wearing mask may be more harmful :)

    Life is normal at office..its when i reach the station that i start thinking if i'm in US or Argentina :D

  4. Isn't this the truth. There is humor in a lot of serious situations, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    I enjoyed how you worked the word prompts.

  5. The common flu kills more each year than the swine flu ever will.

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  6. One of the better things about 3WW is having to go back and find the words. I had to re-read your wonderful piece twice to find them all. So, it wasn't forced!

    Very informative and I appreciate the look into your part of the world.

  7. It's of the swine flue seems to be creating much more panic than the actual flu itself. But it's definitely smart to be cautious!

  8. the wise say it too proper!

  9. Excellent post - it's nice to hear your take on what's happening in your country - good post!

  10. Have been hearing about it in the news... sometimes, it is funny - but like you say - better safe than sorry.

    Stay well! and enjoy...

    Nice use of the prompt words :)

  11. Uncrowded areas in Mumbai...?
    For some things 'safety in mumbers' just doesn't apply...

  12. Great post and writing. The word prompts blended so perfectly into this.

  13. Achhooo! Achhoooo!

    Ah! you are still alive, haven't got the flu from me.

    I'll just repeat the lines which I wrote in a mail yesterday which suggested that one the colleague in my friend's office has contacted the flu. The news eventually turned out to be false. The mail kept circulating

    Rumor creates panic
    panic creates pandemic
    pandemic leads to death
    death is the ultimate truth

    Just hope that you do out well

  14. Thanks friends for reading and appreciating. It's indeed better to take precaution, then you can laugh at it as much as you want ;)

  15. dont think laughing on it is needed! prevention is indeed better than cure. the deaths due to this flu are saddening to say the least.

    a very well written post!

  16. The last line says it all. It makes us all very aware of the germs airborn and how we can all do our part washing our hands regualry and in high populated areas wearing the mask. It has not reached this level where I live.

    Good post!

  17. @Leo
    Yes, its sad about the deaths.

    @Daily Panic
    Yes we do it all. But still this minute virus is too quick to spread across countries

    Thanks for stopping by.

  18. I think precaution is always a wise idea, but I dislike the fear that comes with it.

  19. @mia999 everyone is pretty careful while traveling.

    Thanks for commenting :)


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