Monday, August 17, 2009

Woman & Shopping

Ribbinzz, clipszz, hairbandzz waliiyyyyyya.....
These are the usual poignant shrieks that fall on your ears if you travel by Mumbai train. They are fine, until there are two-three hawkers doing their job, then God save your ears.

I am not sure but I think these hawkers(including gents) only sell in ladies compartment. Actually speaking, being a female, I don't have any problems them selling in train (against Railway rule). In fact they make us available lot of choices at a pretty good rates. You can see varieties from nail-cutter to wallets, oranges to dhoklas, recipe books to Nursery rhymes, scarves to Punjabi dresses, Rings to Mangalsutra.

But the most favorite among the ladies are the earrings and hair clips. As the seller hangs the hanger of clips suspending, you can see women at the door, wanting to get down at the next stop, coming back to have a look. I guess shopping is in woman's blood. Many people complain, but if it brings pleasure and happiness, then why not ?

But there are people who go shopping looking every shop but never come up with a choice. At the end of the day, nothing selected, plan for some other day to a new shopping place. Now that's frustrating.

Whatever, with Indian women and their insatiable hobby of shopping, at least they give boost to Indian markets, kinda helping the economy. Isn't it ?

P.S. If anybody finds out what is that long iiiiyyyaaa  they attach while selling, please let me know!


  1. For a man accompanying his sister, mother, wife, girl friend or any of his female relative. It is nothing but pure torture.

    You people do have the pleasure in our pains

  2. ^ lol.
    I'm not a big fan of shopping. My aunt has this habit of spending the whole day shopping, nothing selected, and it's so incredibly frustrating. I spent the whole day walking around in Pune through all the shops with her once. That was the end of shopping for me.

  3. hehe thats pretty honest of you :)

  4. @Tarun
    lol...i can understand. I see that happening with my dad when he come along with us.

  5. @mia999
    Can you imagine, all the pain and that too for someone else...we don't get anything for accompanying :(

  6. @ani_aset
    I never lie, you know ;)

  7. @Megha,
    reminds me of travelling in the EMU trains on the Lucknow-Kanpur route (Although most of the hawkers are selling samosas and seasonal fruits).
    Loved it, and still miss it a lot :)

  8. @Hashir
    :) Good to hear that my post brought the memories back to you :)

    Samosas seem to be a big hit in north there..

  9. i really wanna hear dil waaaliyaaaaaaaan :P

    but hey corny aside, like ur honesty :)

  10. You know what? Strangely enough I am a girl and I hate shopping. I know its beyond wierd :)
    Anyways the blog is nice.
    Oh and the iiiyaaaaaaa is a shortened version of
    "If you want it buy it otherwise get out of my way" :)


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