Saturday, August 15, 2009

Govinda aala re!

They practiced the human pyramid. Seven layers was their last year's target. This time they aimed for eight. They prepared the statues for the tableaux. They put in efforts for days and months. But as the days went by, swine flu entered Mumbai and everyone doubted if the festival would be celebrated with same jubilation.

But it's Mumbai. The day arrived, Gokulashtami. The mandal boys with their masks stepped out with loud cheer. 'Ganpati bappa morya', they cheered, so did the Pandavas and Gods on the tableaux. 'Govinda aala re' shouted the loudspeakers. The tableaux trucks moved. There were three, depicting 'Draupati's satvapariksha' 'Samudra Manthan' and 'Markandeya Mrityunjaya'.

Off they went celebrating, aiming at prizes for the Dahi Handis. The govinda's cheer and exuberance brought everyone out of the shell of fear.

It was twelve in the night when they returned with the award. What would it be ? Trophy and big money it always have been.

But is was An Ambulance! What a noble idea, I thought. Whoever's brilliant brain is behind it, I thought, I hope the Govinda mandal gives justice to the cause. Amen.


  1. Thank goodness that Mumbai had a great Govinda. It was bad in Delhi. For a change it rained, but shockingly kids didn't participated this time around. Very few tableaux were there.

  2. @Tarun
    Sad. It was great here. Nothing changed. Every one witnessed the same spirit.

  3. @ani_aset
    The ambulance was a prize for the dahi handi for the mandal to do some service to the society. That's the good part i would say.

  4. woops i thought somebody got injured for ambulance to arrive.. :(

  5. @ani_aset
    No it has never happened, thankfully :)

  6. Hi Megha! Nice photo. I would love to see it personally. You are a wonderful artist! Great going..Keep it up!

    Color Pencil Drawing: Lord Krishna wih his mother

  7. It will really be interesting to see what they come up with for Ganesh festival...a lot of swine flu tableaux is my guess :)
    Actually, all mandals should follow suit during the festival and make donations to charities or something.

  8. @whiteopal
    Ya, I know. Many mandals giving their gyan on the sickness, which by now even a child knows :D

    About donations, i see less of it. They are more interested in attracting more crowd. So they go for more grandeur and publicity. There goes the money.


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