Friday, August 21, 2009

Question emotional dialogues ka

The mother gets a saree out of the cupboard.
"Ye saree maine tumhare shaadi k liye rakhi thi. Tumhe bahot pasand thi na ye."
"haan" says the daughter who next day would leave to husband's home after marriage. The mother then opens a suitcase.
In it are her daughter's childhood things. Drawing book. Doll, and other childhood memories.
"Ye saari cheeze ?" says surprised daughter with wet eyes.
"Tumhari bachpan ki yaaden hai. Kal tumhe leke jane k liye sambhal k rahe the"...

The dialogues seemed to be eternal, the TV drama went on...I looked around and caught sister's eyes. And we smiled slyly.

"What a drama. First of all, nobody will keep so many things for years, at least our mom dad. And then our mom will just shout at us, Check things! otherwise, like every time, you will forget something and then hurry on time of leaving" my sis said laughing.

We never do any of this emotional dialogue thing, na ? Why so ? I asked.
I recollected and realized that I have never seen this at any relatives place.
Is it that it never happens only in Maharashtrian families? I asked thoughtfully. My sis took some time. Maybe, she said.

It was just one time when my aunt said, "Kiti chote hote, aata kiti mothe zalet" (How were small and now have grown up). I remember we all had a very good laugh. What a dialogue delivery man, we had teased her.

Does it happen in your home ? Do you hear emotional dialogues in your home ?


  1. emotional dialoguebaazi does prevail in my home...but in utterly comic sense.Even is someone watches a tv serial by mistake,all of us together make it a laugh riot and when we use those dialogues in real life...the fun doubles;)

  2. when time comes words will flow megha :D
    err i mean tears will flow :D

  3. Ya it happens at every home. Comes in various sizes and shapes and in various packages.

    But yes, seldom anyone keeps such old thing for such long, one or two things, yes might be, but god's sake drawing book and color pencils...get a life...

  4. @gur-neet
    Yea. The serial is my mom's fav. And we have to watch it irrespective of choice. But with that we too have a good laugh at it :)

    Sometimes the dialogues are good for teasing

  5. @ani_aset said it. Maybe I just have to wait and watch. Sometimes getting emotional is also good ;)

  6. @Tarun
    Seems you have experienced a lot ;)

    Ya the drawing book was too much.

  7. emotional and taunting!

    i cried yesterday because of the same repetitive dialogue!

    they never get tired 'loag kya sochain ge, larki abhi tak ghar bethi hai'

    dammit loag!

  8. ^ lol! Agree about "dammit loag"!

    No, I never hear emotional dialogues at home, but I'm Maharashtrian as well. Though, I don't think any family is as dramatic and emotional as the one shown on TV.

    Indian shows are so melodramatic with the whole "poor daughter trying to support her family" and the sorrow on the family's face that they cannot afford something manages to get on my nerves. I think in reality despite not being able to afford things people manage to live quite happily, and learn to adjust. But, yes some of the shows have 'unintentional' humour.

  9. @Americanizing Desi
    dammit ye TV serials. :)

    You are right. In real life, every gets over the situation. Things are too twisted in the serials.

    Thanks for reading

  10. There is an award for you on my blog :)

  11. @Ani_aset
    WOW!! Thanks for the honour :)

  12. I guess its more of a menti post


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