Thursday, August 06, 2009

Listen but shrewdly

listening Today I was traveling to office, by train. The ladies compartment was almost empty. I usually open novel while I am traveling but today I was not in the mood to read. So I was just having a look around. But I know  I sometimes I do it badly. That's what happened today. Two girls were sitting to my right. After meeting over a long time, they had enough to talk about. And I was listening, not shrewdly but stupidly. The girl looked at me a few times, every time I realized I am constantly looking at them listening to their talks. I realized that's not the wise way. But this happens inadvertently.

I remember once I was traveling with my sis and mom. There was a women's group traveling sharing their anecdotes. I was hooked to their stories and was almost among them, from my side. Suddenly there was a funny joke and I burst out laughing with others. I found they were staring at me. Embarrassed, I tried to look away, and they carried on with their talking. My mom and sis looked at me indignantly as if I have brought them such a shame. If you are listening at least pretend you are not. What's this ha? Now, let's go. It's our station next, whispered my sis and I left grinning, both over the incident and over myself.

P.S. I am elder to my sister. But she seems to forget and snipe me every time she get a chance. But the incident still brings a smile as it plays vividly before my eyes.


  1. A lesson still to be learnt :)
    But yeah its fun to listen...but have to control your laughter..

  2. True. Some people are exceptionally good at listening without making you aware that they are, but for the most part one can tell from the body language, whether someone is listening or not and most people are.

    BTW my first time visiting your blog. Nice blog!

  3. @Tarun
    lol...I know. I have to do something about it. I realize only when things have already happened. I have to work on my laughter or I have to stop listening in to others talks...

  4. @mia999
    Many people are good at listening shrewdly. But not everyone has that knack.

    And, Welcome to my blog.
    And, Thanks for appreciating.

    Keep visiting :)

  5. Old Grizz says thanks for the visit to his house. He also says when people talk in public loud enough for others to hear they want you you to listen. If they get upset they are the ones being rude by forcing their voices on you. Next time tell them Old Grizz says to keep their voices down

  6. i usually carry my ear plugs around just for that purpose :)

    or else i d lose my mind permanently!

  7. Made me grin too Megha. I do listen in at times if its interesting but kinda keep an auto check on my response.

  8. @Old Grizz
    Thanks for stopping by. Yea, there is some truth in your words too. :)

  9. @Americanizing Desi
    lol...That could be good solution to think of :)

  10. @swapnap
    yea, sometimes one can't help, if people around are talking, and you could hear, how could one ignore it.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  11. hehe good one :P
    Reading a novel is a better idea always in train :P

  12. @ani_Aset
    thanks for commenting :)


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