Saturday, August 08, 2009

In Search of New

“Hi, How are you ?” “That’s great! So after such a long time we are at last meeting”

After a long time we friends were meeting. The news brought some freshness to my mind.

The Sunday came. “Hi girlz” I yelled. “Hey Megha”, came back the smiles. After a long discussion over how everyone has grown fat and slim and then how everyone reached the venue, we were settled with the ice-creams. “So, what’s new in life, friends”, I asked. “New ?, nothing ya” came the dispirited answers loud enough to turn heads. “Hmmm…just the same…life is going on just like a long old story book, on on and on….”

P.S. I wrote this post for prompt “New” of Sunday Scribbling. Its just what is happening with me. I feel the excitement is missing. But there is one new thing in my life which is enough to cheer me in this monotonous life. That’s the SAP XI Certificate in my inbox.


  1. What if in search of new we forget the old.....

    What if in search of wealths we forget our friends

    What if the old order chageth and new order cometh

    What if the new drowns the old with itself for a newer new

  2. something new is better than nothing new aint it :D

    Tale from the NEW side

  3. Yes, life can be monotonous, but thank goodness for friends to boost our spirits, and it looks like you have some good ones! :~) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. congrats on the cert that should make you very happy

  5. Sometimes feels like same old same old - but always something new round the corner.

  6. @Tarun
    wow. good poem. an be a post for you blog :)
    Thanks for commenting and sharing your poetic thoughts :)

    Keep writing and visiting :)

  7. @Americanizing Desi
    You are right.

    You are right. But it's how we use those moments is the real mystery behind happiness. Isn't it ?

    @Sweetest Gale
    Friends make a big difference :)

  8. @Old Grizz
    Thanks a lot :)

    @Stan Ski
    Yes may be the bigger picture tells a different story than our eyes see.

    Thank you all for commenting and sharing your views

  9. Umrdaraaz ye baat ho chuki hai
    magar ab bhi kahne layaq hai
    har din maut ki taraf ek kadam hai
    zindagi maut ki nishaandehi hai

    might be too gruesome, but some incidents make me feel that we aren't living as such, merely acting to be alive, apni saleeb dhote hue

    btw thanks for stopping by and kind words. Congrats for the SAP certification, enjoy to the fullest :)

  10. Thanks Anil. I too see that we are not living to the fullest.

  11. It's got some excitement :)

    The look at things differently and see things as new. We take so much of life as just is - hum drum and ordinary.

  12. Very true Bobbie. Thanks for reading and commenting


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