Thursday, July 30, 2009

Earned a smile

From past few days I was under little pressure, which is the why I was not active at blogging. The reason was a Certification exam, this Tuesday. Well, after so many languid post-engineering office years, appearing for an exam was not a small task for me. Another reason to add to the pressure was that the exam center was arranged right in our office. So other colleagues were more excited than us. In earlier certification drives in our office, people had gathered out of the exam room to know the results and congratulate the takers. Even though it works wonderfully for those who have cleared the test, it's a disaster for those who failed. What's more embarrassing than replying to everyone in the crowd who is eager to know your score. "What if I flunk ?" was the question haunting me. Same was the condition of my colleagues appearing for the exam with me.

But finally, everything went well and I passed the exams with flying colors. And now that I am a SAP XI Certified Consultant, I have a big reason to smile :) and to relax.

As somebody has said, "Everything has a lesson in it", I too have learned some lessons from this certification. I realized that I am much happier with my achievement. Even though XI was a new technology for me, I did well. This accomplishment has boosted my confidence and added fuel to learn more and keep going with new things.

I now believe keeping targets and achieving them brings freshness and fun in life.


  1. @ megha,
    congrats !

  2. Congratulations..I know this feeling, awaiting your result while you are working.

  3. hey congrats !!

    u r scholar
    who else know this better than me
    because i have seen all of your eng papers
    But never got chance to copy bad luck

  4. @Yogesh
    haha....I'll take it...not everyday one gets to hear such words ;) just kidding...

  5. Congratulations! So the absence from the blogosphere has finally paid off :)

  6. Hey, congratulations! I looked at my son the other day and told him that he was incredibly brave -- he'd faced his fear head-on ... and conquered it.

    Sounds like you did, too.

  7. @theIshu
    Thanks. It has.

    Thanks :)

  8. Hey congtrats :-) Great going. Yes, I think we all work best by keeping some targets in our mind. All for the better :-)

  9. Congrats meghs...

    -Shweta Shetty

  10. @ani_aset
    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)

    Thanks dear :)

  11. Congrats Megha...i could relate so much to the reason to smile and confidence.

    Keep at it:)


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