Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Mischief

She was studying Mechanics, her favorite subject (though she knew how bad she is at it).

The phone rang.

"Hello" she answered.

"Hello Ma'm. Good Afternoon. I am calling from Vxx plaza. You have won a prize for shopping here."

She placed her hand on the phone and shooed her friend. "Hey Priyal. You had shopped in Vxx Plaza ? You have won a prize."

"What is it ?", Priyal asked with eyes wide with excitement.

"What is it ?" she asked the guy on the phone.

"Ma'm. It's a surprise. Ma'm can you tell me your name ?" he enquired.

"Hey Priyal, he is asking for name. Shall I give yours ?" she asked Priyal who was now beside her smiling ear to ear.

"Noooo...never tell real names. Fake it off" said Priyal shrugging. She always had some weird advices and weird reasons to it.

Taking few seconds finally she had a name in mind "Hmm...Shilpa...Shilpaaaa....Matondkar" she finally christened herself with a new name.

"Thanks Ma'm. So when will you come ?" the conversation went. Now the other room friends too gathered and there were whispers about the gift.

"Let see. Maybe tomorrow."

"Ok. You can give me a call on 98********** once you come."

"Ok. Thanks"

"Ma'm. Did I tell you that you have a wonderful voice ?"

"Uhhh?? Ohhkk.....Thanks. Ok Bye" she placed the receiver on the phone, with surprised smile.

"What ? What is the gift ?" the friends said together with excitement.

"It's a surprise. Here's his number. You know what the guy said ? I have a wonderful voice. " she said shyly.

"Ahhhhhh...ha....." friends started teasing was a good break from the studies and they were trying to make best of it.

"Ok Girls. Now lets study." she said as she got back to her favorite subject.

The phone rang. The phone had now reached the bed from the table. With the long wire, it had been to every corner of the house . 'Megha it's yours', said Priyal as she passed the phone from the bed to the desk.

"Hi Shilpa" said a male voice, she realized it's the same Vxx Plaza guy.

"Ya Hi. What is it ?"

"You called me right ?"

"What? No."

"But I have your number on my cell." She looked around. Everyone had buried themselves in the books, faking. She knew the culprits.

"I don't know. But I have not called you."

"Ok. I don't know how it came. So are you coming tomorrow?"

"Ahh ? ya maybe. Ok bye I have to study". "Hey Girlz, stop it OK. Don't bother him", she shouted she placed the receiver and got back to Mechanics.

The phone rang and she knew the reason. Same guy.

"I am sorry. Actually my friends are doing the mischief. You gave your personal number and they got a way of entertainment. You don't pick the call, and they'll stop calling. Ok. Bye." ...and so the story ended.

Written under – Gang of Girlz


  1. Haa good one...
    -Shweta ;)

  2. good one but you the excitement

    I wud love if someone was killed :P

  3. Hey I have just spent the last half hour reading your short stories....just moving on from one blog to another... Wow! You really have a flare for writing.... What I really loved about all your stories is the simplicity and spontaneity. Wow again! I would just like to suggest one area of improvement- your grammar. I think sometimes in the whole excitement of writing you tend to misplace your articles(missing or extra thes etc) or the sentence is written as we speak it but not how we write it so its kind of hard to understand. If you work on this then you can directly combine all these blogs and publish a book. The one about the boy killing his father was too good!!!! Keep writing!
    And 1 more thing- do you go to ISKCON? All that philosophy you have written- (the spiritual blogs) match ours....
    Do reply- you can mail me at or leave a comment anywhere on my blog.
    Sorry for the huge comment.The 1st comment wasnt mine.
    You rock!

  4. haha! at first i thought it would be the usual story, but the sudden twist was wonderful.

  5. I liked it! Nice story!

  6. I didn't see that coming at all! :D

    I guess I must've been reading too much of crime fiction, because I started reckoning that the guy must be some kind of psychopath luring young girls and killing them.

    Btw, it would help to make the suspense in the story a bit longer. Perhaps, it would make it much more delicious. :)

  7. @Shweta
    Thanks dear :)

    @Shweta Shetty
    Thanks for kind words. I am feeling good reading those.

    About your suggestion on grammar, I try to identify pitfalls and improve.

    Thansk again.
    BTW, the first Shweta is my friend, and could be a surprise, she too is Shetty...coo coincidence isn't it ? :)

  8. @Tarun
    After reading your stories, I know why you want a murder in this too ;)

    Well it's not fiction, it's just what happened when we friends used to stay together while doing the engineering :)

  9. @Sumit
    Sumit, Thanks for reading.

    Simple is cool. :) Pick up a story telling novel for a change :)

  10. Thanks Kay.
    Good to see that you liked it :)

  11. It was an interesting one..beautifully told...
    the climax was shareef...i expected some mischief in the end.Overall,lovely tale.

  12. @gur-neet
    Thanks. Actually the mischief was on my friend's part :)

  13. uh oh it made me expect so much :)

  14. Really entertaining and well written...and takes me back to my college (not so much)study days!

  15. @anirudh
    why people don't like simplicity ?
    i believe in 'Keep it simple. Keep it stupid'

  16. @Corinne days were fun. I remember how we copied assignments blindly. :) Thanks for reading


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