Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Punish those immoral

Mumbai is the best place to survive, that's what could be said of Mumbai. It may be true. But with the increasing crowds, most of which are illiterate immigrants, it's streets are getting filthier, the earth and mind. The word respect and decency seems to have wiped out of most of the people's mind. Being a female, these are my views and I am sure this view is shared by my other female friends.

Can't a girl expect even a 10 minutes respectable walk to nearest train station or Bus stop ? In just 10 minutes she goes through indecent behavior by *** crowd, young and old. Teasing, obscene whispering, pushing, and what not, does she has to suffer. And it's not one that she can fight against, if she does, there's next one few steps away. No matter how strong she is, the mental torture that this molesting does, is very painful. Are ethics and morals, just words in books ?

It's really sad, and I am really out of words as I write this post, full of anxiety. Hope the sleeping conscience of these beasts wake up and treat a women the way she deserves, with respect.


  1. funny how it's always said how much better mumbai is, compared to delhi. it really is sad to keep hearing that things are getting from bad to worse.

    btw, incidentally, i wrote a post a while back...about sexual harassment, of all degrees. a tad harsh, but you might still like to chek it out

    btw, juz came across ur blog yday. i like it! :)

  2. err...here's the link btw


  3. Megha, I fully sympathies with you on this. But I have a small request to make. Please just don't blame illiterate immigrants for this. They might be filthier and untidy, but not singularly blame able.

    I have being in Delhi all my life, and I can at least say, such persons can be from any walk of life.

    Being a male it really puts me at a shameful position.
    Because it is one of the lowest thing which a man can do, even if he is able to call himself man after that.

  4. @Nikita
    Thanks for reading and commenting. Will definitely read your post. I am not sure but may be if there are strict laws, this might lesson a bit.

  5. @Tarun
    There is a reason why I blamed the illiterate. I don't know about Delhi, but here, it's the illiterate more that behave obscenely.

  6. As I have said, I haven't being much out of Delhi...any how I apologize if I'd said something that has hurt you...

  7. @Tarun
    No Tarun, everyone has a right to express himself, so do you. Things could be different at other places. I have heard enough of the women-abuse in the rural North India.

    Thanks for sharing your views.

  8. I agree. That happens a lot. Even if the girl can respond back rudely to the people acting indecently there is not a lot she can do. I guess all one can do is ignore and walk away, since even showing a little reaction be it anger or fear is viewed in an amusing manner. There should be some rule against this.

  9. Thanks mia999 for sharing your views.

    Ignore, as you said is just what a girl can do, coz these people are like pigs they'll enjoy the fight if you strike back.

    Some rule, punishment is very necessary to control such issues.

  10. I can imagine this would be a horrendous ordeal to have to contend with day after day! I have only experiences this very infrequently and it's been when I've travelled to Europe, particularly Italy when I encountered this. Perhaps it happens more so in Canadian cities than I realize now. It wasn't so when I lived in Toronto and it has never happened when I visit there.

    Blatant sexual harrassment like that is uncommon here on the streets. However, other types of sexual harrassment happen in the workplace all the time, though it is very difficult to do anything about it because it is so covert and passive aggressive.

    Women have a LONG way to go with respect to being treated with dignity and equality in all cultures. SAD!!!!

    thank you for visiting my blog.


  11. @Dana (Awareness)
    I guess it's a ordeal for women all over the world. Really sad.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  12. Delhi is very bad megha..worse..i still feel mumbai is better..
    Join blank noise.

  13. @ani_Aset
    :( Seems it's always woman to suffer, anywhere in this world.

    Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  14. Relationships are taking backseat in today’s modern lifestyle. We are giving the entire priority to our profession and consumerism. Love and Relationships are appears to be not important to us. The end result is insensitivity and lack empathy towards fellow human beings including women.

    Teasing and hurting women is symptoms of weakening relationships for which the entire society is to be blamed.

    The only lasting solution is strengthening love and relationships in the family which results in empathy towards women.


  15. Yes. sad. Values should be taught in family.

    Thanks for reading.


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