Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Need a look beyond

He didnt knew how long he had been lying there. The kept staring at the fan his thoughts whirling with the fan.
It was not not fair what she had done to him. What had he not done to please her. And then after so much efforts, her reply was a rejection ? He was red in face and sweating profusely, cursing her, burbling.

"Manav. Manav" his mother called as she bought the dinner to the dining table. "Manav has not eaten anything since morning. After returning from college, he went directly to his room. Since then he has not opened the door". His mother told his father worriedly. "Don't worry. "Must be some friends's miscief that has upset him. He'll be fine."
"You know, he has topped in exams this time too. He is good at almost everything. I am sure he will do us proud one day." she said dreaming Manav being awarded.

He still had not moved. He was now fuming,.His eyes had turned red. He might have be crying. He was never so depressed. "I'll teach her a lesson. I know how"
A sly smile. "Fan...Fan...I'll hang myself. And then you know what's the value of my love....."


  1. Wow. I loved reading this one. You captured the situation perfectly, and this would exactly be the way I would picture it, if I had to.

    Never been a huge fan of people going to extreme length's in the name of love. Think about the parents. They are sitting outside with so many dreams for their child, and they are the ones that raised the child only to one day watch something like this unfold. Yet, these kids decide to sacrifice their life, forget the parents conveniently, and die in the name of love. Not at all worth it.

  2. Eeks, I just clicked in from the happy penguins. Talk about having to switch modes in my head, lol.

    Anyway, it's scary to think of the extents people go to...I've always been against this type of behavior. There's so many reasons I could list, but I think the most unfair one beyond the obvious ones of never stopping to think about family/loved ones/ the emotional disturbance they put the guy/girl they killed themselves over in. Totally unjust behavior. The guy/girl never asked the person to love them in the first place, and therefore don't deserve to live with the grief of having driven someone suicidal. To kill yourself over someone not loving you back is messed up on so many levels. This one-sided love is a major problem, and almost always the reason people do ridiculous things. :x

    Anyway opinions aside, good write up. Very concise but captivating.

  3. that's creepy really :-P

  4. love can be so melodramatic, no? especially unrequited.

  5. got a bit predictable.feel sad for the guy, parents cant do much in this i guess. I just wish people act maturely

  6. Sigh... unrequited love... :) I like the way your tale ends though...

  7. @mia99
    Maybe the situation gets over their senses...

    You are right. Anything can't be so grave that you decide to end your life. In case there is no way out, one can talk to their loved one...

    Thanks Rohan.

  8. Thanks Sumit

    @Floreta & Anirudh
    There have been many such cases. This was just an attempt to put the thoughts of people related to us & how their lives too are affected with whatever decision we make.

    Maybe that's the reason why Anirudh you found it predictable. We have read so many cases.. sadly.


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