Friday, August 06, 2010

Afternoon is for rest


Venue : Ganesh Mandir, Mumbai.

I thought people visit temples in search of divinity or to add peace in life. But probably dadaji was a bit tired for any divine lessons :)


  1. U can actually get a beautiful sleep at the temple...things are usually quite there and cool

  2. I hope the only place on this earth where u find peace is the temple....and the best thing we do when we are in peace is SLeeepppp...wat say?

    Chain ke Neend

  3. aur nahi to kya? Temples are the best place to sleep.
    Aise bhi, everyone comes, prays and goes. Kabhi bhagwaan ke atithi ban kar khatirdaari ka mauka to do. :P

  4. good capture.... I think a good nap makes our mind more open to any lesson :)

  5. @Niraj
    hehe..yea....but aaj kal temple me bhi kaha shanti hoti hai ? :(

    yea....bhagwan itna to de hi sakta hai.... peaceful mind ...which is the most needed thing in this world...

  6. @Sharodindu
    Thanks. Yea...and it's absence makes us doze...i remember how i used to doze in my classes :)

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