Friday, October 29, 2010



I could hear the voices
The laughter and the cries

I could see in blur
The kids playing and the picture was nice

There I was, swinging…
up, down and rise


What happened then?
Why did the picture stained?

The kids disappeared
Colors from the picture drained?

No I wont allow
No I wont allow
Please fill the colors...
I cry in pain
I cry in pain

- Megha


  1. Oh... thats full of pain... why so serious?

  2. coz the diwali is coming ....just was just abt the pic...nothing else...

    kasa challay ?

  3. why need u paint the photograph when u already did it with your beautiful words...:)

  4. nice color effects... I like the picture.
    But it could be the other way round too?
    How about recolouring the memory... why does the image need to drain its colours?

  5. it seems like a desperate cry..


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