Saturday, December 11, 2010



Complaints & Complaints! I have been doing that from past few months. I don’t get time to post blog nor I get time to read other blogs. I promise, make plans and then don’t get sufficient time and have to compromise.

Why is this happening to me? Sometimes I think of myself taking the last breath and I think about the desires that I would leave behind in this world bonding me to come back. There are so many things that I want to do. At times I wonder what have kept me from achieving these? Was I so busy that I couldn't do realize what I planned? When I look back, I don’t find any reason or so.

I still have to contemplate and find the root coz I have to destroy it…I want to do what I like…Time is precious…Life is too short to be wasted…2010 will be past in a few days and 2011 will begin. It will be foolish to let go another year with desires unachieved…


  1. We like to kill everything we love..
    and I can understand ur position....facing same

    Now let me guess...what u are up to

    hmm"it might be some special one" :P jst kidding...

  2. ya...nothing about that...actually i had an idea planted about writing (a long story)...plans about travel..but all these are just in my books..nothing is realizing :(

    neway, I have to find a way out this. Have u managed?

  3. And when I read about all those great men, I resolve to be good from the next day. But then, it just fades away like a dream the next morning. I never hear the first alarm. :P

    Nice post, hope you do better than me.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Blsphemous Aesthete,
    hehe...ya I know...every resolution fails..we keep cheating ourselves :(

  5. It't true...u only we top ourselves to do what we want...and only we can motivate ourself to what we wanted to do..

  6. somehow..means...some old post from here and there...photographs..but it has fallen down like anything...


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