Horoscope and Faith

How many of you plan your day yourself or let the horoscope plan your day ? I occasionally read this horoscope column, just for curiosity. Usually by the time I leave home, I forget everything about the horoscope and what it said.

Even though we show ourselves strong and non-superstitious, sometimes important decisions and hazardous predictions regarding these, makes us go weak in our knees and compel us to doubt. The greater the risk, the greater is the fear. Now positivity law says do not doubt but at the same time it also asks us to look for signs of nature, warnings.


  1. I normally check in the evening of the day.. at Y! astrology... for last 6 years they have predicted my days quite perfectly with the right set of events.. I feel awe at times as they talk about turn of events within a day and they do happen.. :-)

  2. @ashkd
    never checked the Y astro...the thing with me is that i forget, maybe good for me :) else if there's something bad mentioned, then the burden is greater when known

  3. You are quite right.. strange enough that i forget both good and bad things in some time after checking it.. but checking towards the day ending makes it cross-checking.. and credible too.. check Y! for few days.. might be working.. :-)

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  5. ya...rechecking by the end of the day sounds fun :)

  6. I am not into horoscopes. Never read them and neither do I worry too much about them :)

  7. @dialoguewithyou
    yea...but try to read it for fun...tp acha hai but not to be taken seriously

  8. With me it NEVER comes true! :D I don't read it at all, unless I am really bored.

    In the past whenever I read it I thought it was meant to be forgotten. I didn't reflect over it all.



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