Sunday, October 03, 2010

Time wrap

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The train stopped at Nandpur and she alighted. She was the new collector and had privilege to all the conveniences. But she chose to come to Nashik by plane and then the small journey from Nashik to the remote Nandpur by train. There was a big reason behind that. She wanted to be at the Nandpur train station, for some time. It was this place she had started her journey to a new life twenty years earlier. She was proud of her growth from the old Rekha to this new powerful collector Rupa. It was this place! she acclaimed. Its this place! She could still remember the night.
She, the young and beautiful Rekha, was waiting at the Nandpur station. She was caring a trunk filled with all that she needed. The train was about to come. It was 1:30 am. A few of the station lights were lit. She couldn’t see even a single person in the vicinity. A man with black dress was seen far. ‘Must be the station master’, she thought.
Shekhar was coming towards her. He had gone to buy two tickets for Mumbai. They had dreamt about this time from such a long time and now it had arrived. She rushed towards a corner. Shekhar followed her. He was smiling. The happiness was evident on his face. She had never seen him happier than tonight.
“Hey, see, I have the two tickets to Mumbai. These tickets will set the base for our new life” he said with hands stretched wide in air, happy. She smiled.
But she had something else in her mind, “Not we Shekhar. Only me. You are not coming with me dear”
“What ?”
“Yes. Unfortunately after a lot of thinking, I have come to conclusion that you won’t be of much help to me, in fact you’ll be a boulder in my progress…So I have decided that you will stay here. Forget the Mumbai dream. Do your stuff, gulami at the savkaar, and you will survive”
“What ?” he was still trying to make sense to what she was saying.
“You don’t get it? I said give me the tickets and get out of here” she raised her voice.
“ you betrayed me. All those dreams and love you showed was for this day. The dreams you showed me was the cloud of deceit. But how can you think that I would just leave you to do whatever you think ?” his voice was trembling with anger, but she was unfazed.
“So you, you, a small tiny worm who does what the savkaar orders is threatening me ?” she laughed, the cruelty evident.
“You can’t” she added aggressively. “You can’t. You know why ?….b’coz of this” she pointed at the trunk in her hand.
“See this ? The money you have stolen from the savkaar. Somebody must have seen you. Or if nobody has, still they won’t take much time to identify coz only one from the helpers have access to the safe room. It will not take much time, Shekhar. I would advise you to leave this place as soon as possible.They are coming after you” she laughed, a vicious laugh.
He was hurt, terribly wounded. His fist tightened, anger overpowered and he came rushing towards her, charged. There wasn’t even a slight fear in her eyes. She was as calm as she was at the time when she made the plan. As he was near her to hit her, she pulled the log she had hid and banged it on his head. He passed out the next minute.
“You dare to hit me Shekhar ? Okay…..I promise you, I’ll come back here…to see your degrading life. If you are doing well, I’ll see how to show you the hell. And if you are not in this village. I’ll find you.” Her voice was raised, talking to the deaf body. She snatched the ticket and left.
‘That was the beginning. Now I have transformed. I have the sources you won’t imagine’ She felt better as she stood and reminisced that night.
The village officials and savkaar were standing out to welcome her. She smiled  and exchanged greetings. She sifted her eyes through the crowd to see if she could see the face. It wasn’t in the crowd.
‘No problem Shekhar. I’ll find you’ she thought.
The next morning as she drank the tea, she called the old servant. “Do you know anyone with the name Shekar ? He used to work for the savkaar. His servant”
“Yes…you bitch” he said with angry but low voice. “It’s me. Look at me. You came to find me ? Here I am. Killing you.” she stood, caught off-hand.
“Killing. Did you hear me ? In some time you will be dead. The tea that you just drank now had poison” He laughed. She sank in her chair. She tried to throw up.
“It’s done. The  circle has completed. You will soon be in hell” he said and left.
- The End -
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  1. And so he lived, survived on anger and the lust for revenge... finally he got what he wanted.
    Is there another side too? coz this is dark!

  2. It was 1:30 pm.


    anyway a good attempt to create a spelling bounding thriller.

  3. an unexpected ending ..
    i was expecting it to be some other way.. but a good to read stuff...

  4. Good one. Having read your stories earlier, I was expecting some kind of twist in the end. I was however not clear why she decieved him in the first place.

  5. Laced with revenge...

    I want a happy ending too!

    ATB... :) Good morning... :)

  6. She was a bitch indeed...nice to see her die...

    but the guy was rotten too he remained slave....

  7. @BA
    yes it's dark. Revenge is not good, it destroys lives.

    oops...gotcha...will revise :)

    Thanks for reading and appreciating :)

    @Reetam & Amity
    Welcome to Life if just a bowl of cherries :)
    yea I love happy ending too :) Here unfortuantely can't fit in...what if she turns good or he suddenly grows rich, doesnt it sound filmy ? :)

    Keep visiting

    thanks. glad u like the story :)

    Thank you all for reading...

  8. my first time on your blog.
    Read one or two others also.
    I think I will read all.
    Love the way you write.
    keep writing

  9. One word : Different
    I liked your negative approach and especially the revenge.
    ATB for BAT

  10. This is too good megha.. I loved your take and the way your presented the way.. a lovely revenge..

    Wishing you a good luck for BAT..

    --Someone Is Special--

  11. @Muddassir, MAVERICK, Someone is special
    Thanks ya. Feels good to hear those kind words :) It encourages us to write more, isn't it ?

    All the best to u too :)

  12. You finished the story off without it getting filmy. That's why its a happy ending.
    Thanks for your comments. Your story was a nice chance from my depressing one :-(
    good luck with BAT!

  13. This is the second post i am reading in this BAT that has a very sordid tale of revenge to tell, of love turning into all-consuming hatred.
    Maybe i am being naive in saying this, but isnt the best revenge to merely live well?

    P.S. Did not get the meaning of the word "savkaar"? Did you mean "sarkaar", as in government?

  14. The story moves with the reader's curiosity to be answered as to why the female protagonist wanted to kill Shekhar. Its an interesting story though with good narration. All the best.

  15. Fast paced plot! Oh my god!! Packed in totality with Revenge, yet entertains the readers!! Great writing! All the best!

  16. Very well written. Short and to the point, although the sorrow does seep through.

  17. Interesting plot! Good luck!


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