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The Secret to you

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Are you a reader ? Yes or No., whatever your answer be, I would recommend a book that I liked and helped me. Well, actually I am not a fan of personal development genre, in fact I have always been reading everything other than Personal development. And I am sure many of you too may have the same approach. I never thought I would have PD books in my library until I came across Rhonda Bryne's 'The Secret'.

A friend used to mentioned many a times 'law of attraction' in our conversations which used to amuse me.

I knew of Murphy's law and it's perpetual realization in our everyday life. I experienced these. I believed it.
I knew of the Bollywood dialogue 'Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to saari kaaynaat usse tum se milaane mein lag jaati hai' which translates to 'If you ask anything from the bottom of your heart , the whole universe will come into action to bring that thing to you'. Haah! I used to laugh at the dialogue.

But after I read the book, I realized the meaning of the words. And yes, it had an impact on me. Things we think happen. Some say, it might be co-incidence. Yes, it might be. Some say it's the positive approach to things. Again,Yes, it might be.

It's just the matter of experiencing things working. And not  how or why. Right ?

Well, for bringing positivity in me, I would like to express my gratitude to
 My friend Hema who recommended me this book, Thank you
 Rhonda Bryne who wrote this positive and powerful book, Thank you
 Yogas & Vedas, where vast information and knowledge about spiritual development were documented ages ago, Thank you

Thank you.
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  1. I have read this one. But I am sorry I didn't like it., may be because like you I too don't like inspirational books solely.. If it has to be an inspiration it has to come from a book like 'The Fountainhead' where in I can find and relate myself. Have you read it?

  2. @rajat
    Ya, there are many who didnt like it.

    Fountainhead ? No. I haven't read it yet. Ayn Rand's books are inspirational in a different way, that's what I've heard. So, I have it on my wishlist :)

  3. Well even i don't like self help books at times they are too preachy...but this book was on my wishlist ..will take up soon..

  4. If anybody needs a free soft copy of this book, then feel free to download from the below torrent:

    Enjoy... :)

  5. Wil try this one. But i hate this so called "inspirational" books.

  6. Lets see till when this 'effect' of the book lasts...
    and the dialouge u used...I think that one must be credited to Cohelo...correct me if I am wrong

  7. Megha, well I was given an E Copy of this book by Megha (not you), I read it and I felt like what was written on the first page is scrawled up everywhere, of course in different words, and I knew the secret already before knowing it was the secret.
    We call it FOCUS and it has worked wonders for me since I can recall.
    Every wish, every prayer is answered if it is focussed a little bit.
    Think it in terms of the new concept of Neotic science, the one elaborated in The Lost Symbol.

  8. @Niraj
    Read it. You may or may not like it. But read it without any pre-notions.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Yea, I know, they are sometimes heavy and preachy. I have never yet completed 7 habits yet, tough I have liked the initial chapters

  9. @Tarun
    I knew u would say something like this :)

    After all, the lawyer in you cant never be yourself non-rational, like me, m most of the time :) btw, i like your comment. But the effect will last long :)

    You are somewhat right. They've repeated contents. even i felt so many a times.

    Never heard of FOCUS. Nor read The Last Symbol. But if it's so, need to read.

    Think positive. Be happy.

  10. I becoming predictable...that is too bad for a lawyer (if I am)...anyhow....


  11. @Tarun
    hehe, yes, somewhat :)

  12. Several of the people in "The Secret" sales pamphlet aka "book" have gotten themselves in trouble with the law.

    James Ray is on trial for killing 3 people in a sweat lodge in Arizona and the "financial expert" David Schwimer got himself banned for life from trading securities in Australia because he stole money from clients and presented fraudulent claims.

    I'm sorry but pretty much everyone featured in the sales pamphlet is a charlatan at one level or another. There's only one good use for the "The Secret" sales pamphlet, and it's as kindling for a camp fire.

  13. Just started reading this book but as my earlier attempts to read inspirational books, i found it too boring.. "Secret"- this word might have been repeated almost 100times in initial 10 pages itself... Have no more courage to go further :(

  14. btw, visited ur blog from...err.. no idea from whr i started reading blogs n landed up here... may be from Pranali -> Mia -> Your blog.. nice posts...CHEERS!!!

  15. @Rafael
    Ohh...wasn't aware of these news...really surprising....

    Thanks for sharing. Just learned that we need to do lookout as we read non-fictional books.

    first of all, welcome. And thanks for reading and commenting.

    yea..u r's repeated and repeated...

    P.S :
    The thing is that after Rafael's comment, I am not sure what to write.

    But I think the bottom line is, be positive and positive will come back to you.


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