Monday, December 05, 2011



I stepped out with a trust
Years back when I left this place

With dreams achieved
That I will return with grace

But shattered here I am
To see the locked door

Oh dear, You were my lifeguard
I feel like I'm swept off the shore

All the love that you showered on me
I was a coward not to take

I knew I made a mistake
Though my words may seem fake

But how does it matter now
Now that you are not here

And now this longing
And love I have for you

I don't understand
What to do
How to bear..

- Megha

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Blogging Affair, a book review

Till today, I refrained from reading Indian authors. For one reason that like Indian television which have been jinxed by daily soaps, contemporary Indian books are jinxed by relationship themes. But nevertheless, how right it would be, to stereotype every Indian book? Every book should be given equal chance.
When I read the summary of the blogging affair, it sounded like an Indian television crime detective version. The story goes like this.
A young woman’s body found murdered in a suburban flat…evidence reveals that she had been having an affair with a married man…to the seasoned police force it is like just another one of those routine love triangle affairs…or so it seems…till they are stumped by an piece of evidence in a form they’ve never even heard of…some newfangled notion called…a blog.
An anonymous blog confesses to the crime…’s ramblings capturing the ebb and flow of a criminal’s mind taking shape…and challenges the conventional wisdom of the police…who would just as well pin the crime on their favorite suspect…the man at the center of the affair.
A hapless husband and a lost lover…struck by the loss of his loved one…is busy reconstructing the fond memories of his extra marital affair as he carries on with his daily life…and completely unaware that the law is tightening its noose around his neck.
The inspector in charge is sure he has his man… to him it’s just a matter of tying a few loose threads…and the blog is but a distraction from the investigation of the real clues. But his deputy…an unconventional thinker...dares to think otherwise. Who is right and who is wrong? All depends on the answer to one simple question.
Whose blog is it anyway?
The story is mixture of marital relationship, infidelity and crime investigation. The story moves forward in three parallel course. One is the protagonist's narration taking us through his regular life. The second is the blog which with it’s every posts, takes us back to past through his adventurous life events . The third is the investigation of his girlfriend’s murder. Of the three, the first two facets are handled very well by the author, kudos for the effort. Whereas I think the investigation part is not given enough justice. The emphasis is more on the stressful relationship between the bully and the other manipulative inspector, who are assigned the murder investigation. Unfortunately, the investigation  part remained a bit simple and predictable.
About the author, its his first book and I think he has handled the plot very well. Specially a difficult theme with husband who is completely immoral with his lustful wandering, the writer has done a wonderful job of leading us through his thoughts and understand the character. The author has a very good hand at punning. I am impressed with the way he has put simple things in a very subtle way. Here’s an excerpt from the book -
“Unfortunately they never told us that the ones who really make it big are the college dropouts.Or they did but we never got it. Why? Because becoming big means betting big. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean if a guy cannot even risk dropping out of college, the guy does not have it in him to risk everything he has to run a business.
I would tag the book with Relationship more than Mystery. However I would flag here that due to plot’s demand, there are lot of sections in the book which are in intimate and which needs readers discretion. I don't want to add any spoilers to the review so I leave the book for the readers to enjoy and asses.
Overall the book is a good read. I wish the author all the best for his future works. I can see a very good writer in him with huge potential. I think he is very creative and he can do much better than this. By saying this I mean that the best of him is yet to come.
My 3 stars to the book and 4 stars to the writing.

Saturday, November 05, 2011


What's the word when we work in group or team? I think it is Trust. When trust, which is often taken for granted, is missing, it leaves a wide gap for misunderstanding and disinterest to creep in the team. Now that all of the team is working together towards a common goal, what is it that creates distrust?
- Aren't the members doing their job efficiently?
- Aren’t they qualified?
- Do they need training
- Are the expectations superficial?
- Is the distrust viable?
- Are the members given fair chance? etc
These are just few, there could be numerous and unfathomable reasons. Many of them may seem completely childish or unprofessional, nevertheless you see them happening in this corporate world of qualified experienced professionals.
Based on my more than six years of experience I can say that for many of the existing problems, it all boils down to some common reasons
A few to mention –
- People not aware of their role and responsibility
- Individual nature / Individual way of working
- Work scope not clear
- Training to handle people missing
For whatever reasons, we are not comfortable with some people, by the end of the day we have to work with them. We are a team and we have to adjust. That’s what all of us instruct our minds and also to others, thereby allowing the issues unattended to soar. We ignore (or that we are asked to ignore) but gradually the seed of bitterness gradually grows and affects the rest of the team and thereby affects efficiency and ultimately the work.
How much do companies try to do a root cause analysis and to find the real reasons of employee discontent or inefficiency? And if they do, when do they listen to the employee’s heart out, shouldn’t be at the end of the story, in exit interviews, isn’t it?
In such circumstances, what would the right thing to do? Keep aside the discontent, grudges and personal issues aside for the benefit of work? To give the other person, another chance? To escalate? Does anybody know the answer or is there any fixed answer?
To be contd…
P.S. This post is about my personal views. I am not trying to target any specific company nor do they relate to any company I have worked with. These views are purely based on my observations in the IT industry over years. Fortunately I have been happy in IT all these years and lucky to work with some good people on good assignments.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bombay Duck is a fish, book review

Bombay Duck is a fish by Kanika Dhillon
When the book arrived, it landed in my sister hands. She read the summary at the back of the book. “You will not like the book”, she said to me.
Looking at my puzzled expression, “It’s about Bollywood”, she added.
“You never know”, I replied. And that turned out to be true coz as soon as I started reading it, I kind of liked it.
The book starts with the backdrop of a Neki standing on the terrace of her building, drunk and depressed. While sitting there, she is contemplating suicide. But before leaping she thinks of revisiting her life till the day. Her diary which she calls Nano helps her in recalling the happy and sad moments. As she starts reading it, the story actually begins.
Neki is a small-town girl, who dreams of Bollywood, against her parent’s wishes. But she is determined and leaves Delhi leaving behind disappointment in her father’s eyes and glitter of hope in her mother’s. She lands in Mumbai among a gang of three girls who themselves are trying to find their future in their profession. Finally she gets the opportunity to join Fiza Kareem (aka Farah Khan) as last assistant director(AD).
Slowly she comes across the true face of Bollywood, ambitions, struggle even to the highest of the stars, the desperation to reach the top, the sleazy business behind the glittering stage, love and betrayal.
As she tries to adjust in her new life she fells in love with the second lead of the film who is himself struggling to give a hit movie. But at the same time there are rumours about the various women in his life. In spite of the rumours Neki fells hard for him. The story revolves around her love, the film, her struggle to move up the ladder, emails to her mother and her three flatmates.
The author is quite frank while writing about the film fraternity however I am much amused by how all the actors are introduced with a negative trait except for two people, Fiza Kareem & Shah Rukh Khan. As we read the book, we understand that Neki dreams big. She really doesn't want to be the last AD. She is ready for the struggle, does her every bit. Fights for her right. But still she takes the decision to commit suicide which surprises me.
The whole story totally blends and takes us smoothly till the end. The dark details of the glamor industry, the Bollywood masala makes the book interesting. The most commendable part is author’s character building which is very strong. Unlike authors who write pages to describe a single characher, Kanika has done the job well with spending less words on it but has effectively brought the charachers to life. The story constantly moves between past and present but is handled quite well without any confusion. I liked the way she has played with the words. At many places, her writing intrigues us and comes as very thoughtful and subtle. I enjoyed reading it. For Bollywood fans, it’s a must.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gazing the horizon


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The new horizon

Not in my wildest dream
I thought I could reach this highest peak
Passing through the strongest storm
Even the failure failed to make me weak

I knew people would talk
And pull me down for all reasons
But they didn't see what I saw
All my way, my vision was my oxygen

The path was dangerously steep
The risks were high
But above all uncertainties
I am proud I did give a try

Standing at the top, my eyes are wet with gratitude
And heart heavy with pride
I have never felt such happiness
I feel it was worth all those strides

I start again for a new horizon
I know I can, no matter whatever comes
With the world under my wings
I feel the  FREEDOM
I feel the  FREEDOM


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

SSY Retreat : Love your Life


This blog was dormant for a long time and now that I am back, what a wonderful thing I have to share. It all started with my friend Hema, who had done a program with Siddha Samadhi Yoga(SSY) three years back. She told me that SSY has another program called Silence camp planned in coming week. It didn’t took me long to say yes.

The Journey

We started from Worli by bus and destination was Rishi Gurukulam at Katarkhadak, Pune. With us were couples, friends and families, families with young kids. We had our introduction in the bus, played antakshari, sang along. I didn’t knew what the program schedule was but I knew that it would be fun with all these people. The start was good.

And it got better when we stopped after crossing main Pune city. It was a surprise when Chiragji & Chandanji (our mentor/Guruji) told us to get ready for a bath in river. I looked at Hema with an expression, Are they kidding? I'd never stepped in water above knee. And from a long time, I had this big wish in my mind to swim in water. It was scorching hot. We were shy to enter water with the men around. We looked at each other for some time, pondering, and then with unanimous expression, nodded, Let’s go. I was exited. We went deep into the water. Never before I had felt such a satisfaction. At that time I knew it would be fun.

Shri Manoj Lekhi

After we reached Rishi Gurukulam, we said the prayers and Chandanji asked us to gather at the workshop area. We had lime juice. As I drank it, I watched the dog Rani (of breed Alsatian) mischievously moving between people's legs. She and another puppy played around. As I watched them, my eyes went to the person who was approaching our group. Something was different about him. I could see a divine contentment on his face. Chandanji introduced him as Manojji. I watched Rani just skip playing and running to greet him. She kept bouncing and circling him. It was a beautiful to watch their magical bond.

Manojji then introduced us to a bunch of five kids. He encouraged them to play host to us and take us around. While they explained us, he ensured that they didn't miss anything and if they did, he would complete it part and remind them to note it. It was another magical relation I witnessed. He was hard to miss and hard to forget.

Rishi Gurukulam

The kids and Manojji took us around the Gurukulam. They introduced us to the revolutionary system of schooling invented by Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji. There are no closed classrooms. Students are taught in open air under trees, with nature. The curriculum they follow is CBSE. The children stay in Gurukul for the entire year and return home during vacation. Minimum age for admission is 8 years. Otherwise for children from 4 years to 8 years, one of the parents have to stay at the ashram.

The study pattern is such that they manage to learn the entire curriculum of one subject in one to two months. So they are free to revise in rest of year. More than revising, they spend time in doing more creative. They have their hands trained on Masonry, painting, Carpeting, Music, sports, computers etc.

Manojji explained to us that all this is possible due to the study pattern they follow. For e.g. when they have to learn about a subject, like some factory. They would be taken to the factory and then they would be divided into groups. Each group would be assigned a task, like one would note the process details, one would take photographs, one would do the video shooting, one would create the PowerPoint slides and one would put all the resources together and present a skit to the students.

And while they do all this they not only learn about the subject but also learn many other things that are always underrated or forgotten to cultivate in students in early age, like self confidence, photo shooting, photography, computers etc. Definitely this way of teaching helps them in completing the syllabus so fast. No wonder they look smart and confident.

Not only this, the ashram has vegetable farm. Tricks and tips to cultivate plants is taught directly. They have many plans on cards and many of them are on verge of completion. Biogas plants and solar heaters are under construction. There would be Cricket ground, Tennis court, Malakhamb etc. that would soon be started soon. There are wooden seats/shelters created in between the woods around. One can spend some solitary time there.

They have small kutirs for 2 persons and are planning to have houses of 500 to 600 sq.ft. as weekend home. The main mantra behind all this is sharing. More we share, less we spend, less we are worried.

Yoga. Food. Fun

Yoga. After a good trip around the ashram, we were back at the hall where we had to stay for the next 2 days. We did a few yoga exercises and then meditated. Yoga & meditation has to be done before meals only. Initially while doing the Yoga exercises, with it’s unconventional positions and noises that are created during the execution, made me little shy. But then when I saw everyone enjoying it, I just shook off the shyness and went along.

Food. Hema had already warned me about the food so what came later in my food plate was not a shock. It was always fruits, salads and herbal tea. However little we ate it, somehow our body accepted it (otherwise I would have fainted with empty stomach). I made faces while eating it, most of the time passing half of the contents to Hema. But then I realized it was worth eating the raw food when on the last day Hema told me that she can see difference in my acne and when my sisters repeated the same after returning home.

My mom had always urged me to have less non-vegetarian food. But being helpless slave of the tongue, I never paid attention. But I could see how much truth lies in it. But Eating less non-vegitarian food is not enough, we also have to make sure that we intake more raw food. Today before leaving for office I had black tea and fruit plate in office for breakfast. I hope I maintain the same control.

Fun. There were activities like trekking, games, skit etc. After cleansing of body by exercises and right food, we went through another most important aspect, the soul cleansing.

Manojji always says, Why do we get so serious about life?

He says that Life is celebration, I agree with him. We agree but we forget. We can be free and happy the most when we free ourselves from the imaginary shackles that we bind ourselves to the negative thoughts. The fear to express ourselves. What will people say? and so many other negative thoughts.

There were activities to come out of this inhibition, to let ourselves free, to be like a child. I will not share the details as they have to be experienced first hand. But I affirm you that, how ever you think you know yourself well, this program will show you the hidden you, your suppressed emotions & the child in you.

My Realization & Satsang

It was a transformation for many of us. We cried, played, danced like a child. I realized that we need not wait for special occasions to  celebrate. There’s no shame in crying, laughing like a mad man. Just be what you feel like. No need to hide any emotions.

I learnt that God is one and is present in each one of us. I have to trust the God in everyone. Whoever is in front of us, be it our mom, friend or boss, we have to acknowledge the God in the person. Give love and you’ll receive love.

And all this I realized not by some preachy sessions but the activities that we participate in. They just connected me to my inner self.

I know that I am not done. I still know nothing. There’s lots and lots for me to learn. And I have to return to SSY again and again.

We returned from Pune to Mumbai on Sunday. The satsang was on Monday. And I am not exaggerating when I say that there was an invisible force that pulled me to it. I know that I would’ve never attended it if I hadn’t attended the Retreat program. I felt like I have found a family. There was so much positive energy that it naturally pulled me to it.

I want to thank Manojji, Chandanji & Chiragji for all the love. SSY is the best thing that has happened to me!! I hope I meet Guruji soon!!

Whom is this program for?

This program is for anyone. Young or old. Housewife or Salaried or businessmen. Contented or troubled. Anyone can join.

Most of the time we are so proud of our achievements that we think we are smart enough. If you feel anything like this, then it’s just right program for you. Or Sometimes we are so buried in loss and sadness that we are in urgent need of a positive force to pull us out of the ditch. If you feel anything like this, then yes, it’s just the right program for you.

I assure you will never find any session preachy. It’s about learning the fun way, effortlessly. If you anytime feel to go for any program or if you want to attend the satsang, you can go through the website given below or just send me a mail through the Contact me page. I will be more than happy to help.

On behalf of SSY, I want to invite you all to be part of this wonderful and loving family.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Back from hibernation


Hiya! I feel relieved that I am back. I have been on and off my blog, sad that I know but not doing much about it.  But there are plenty of reasons. One of which is the the great blame of writer’s block, one being a little lazy and the most troubling one is that I had completely forgotten that I own a blog and have the responsibility to keep it active.

So after the big realization of the big ownership, I thought I should write at least something. So here I am. Btw, let me give you the reasons why I forgot about the blog, not as excuse but because I may need some help.

1. I bought Nikon 3100 and spend most of the time experimenting with it, but just indoors. I am very exited about the new buy. I must take some time to step out of home and do some shooting in the streets. That’s the place where the real and interesting stories await to be shot. I need to be less lazy. It’s the Indian dilemma that also refrain me from shooting in street…will anybody mind, what if somebody says something. Not an easy job! Any tips guys?

2. The most important of all the reasons is that I am looking for a property in Pune. We have made a single visit to Pune. We are little confused about the places. I do tons and tons of searching and it worsens my confusion. It’s too hectic and tiring. Anybody from Pune here and willing to help?

Hope I’ll be on track after I settle things out and I could send some time on my blog as well as you people’s blog. I am short of patience and ease. I need more.

Saturday, February 19, 2011




We make friends as we walk through different stages of life. Many fall back and some stay along. It is said that guys keep in touch long after the youth days. I don’t know if it’s true but it is true that girls mostly loose touch with friends as years pass by.

Even tough it is said that it’s good to just pick phone and say hi, sometimes email works much better. Just send a group mail and then wait for the fun with reply to all :) It works wonders. I have enjoyed those senseless bulk reply mails. It’s fun. But lately even that has lessened.

Yesterday I received a call from a very close friend, Ree whom I had spoken some months back. Unfortunately I missed it. Later at some time at 11:00 pm, I received an sms. It was from her. It read, ‘Hi megha, I am leaving for my wedding. my wedding is at my native place’. I was like, What? Now that’s something unique, isn’t it? I knew about her getting married in this month through another friend. We had discussed about attending the wedding. But the plan had fell off. Without wasting time I called her. We talked for a long time. She told me how busy she was and that she couldn’t send a formal invitation to any friend. I wasn’t angry on her. It was typical of Ree. Each one from our group have this tremendous potential to do weird things.

I wished her the best for the day. Hope we remain friends for the rest of the life and nothing comes between us!

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

May you have a wonderful married life, Ree!

With Luv,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foolish hope


Killing is crime
You’ve killed my soul

    Love is like war
    Everything is fair, o dear

I gave you all my love
But you betrayed me

    You knew I flirt
    What'd you expect from me?

I thought you would change
My love would compel you
    Ha! Love's an artistic word 
    Wake up, it has failed you

Will not you come back to me?
I will wait for you

    My life's like a journey in rosy garden
    Every day I start anew

You'll come back to me
If my love is true

    You believe not me but your stupid heart
    Poor chap, your love has again betrayed you...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some difficult questions


Week by week, we do live like a programmed being hardly doing anything different from our daily ritual. Many a time I sit and think, Am I satisfied? And for 99% times, it replies No. What makes me not fully satisfied? Is there a feeling, in reality, when one can feel fully satisfied? I don’t know if we have lost the meaning of true contentment or we ever understood it. I really don’t know. 

If I look back at my schedule a few weeks ago I had so many things on my plate and planning these had become burdensome. I had the plans but still looking at the list made me loose time just thinking about the long list. I have to do this; I have to do that…such a long list. Then I think and ask Why do I am running so fast? Why do I have run after things? I need to go slow. Then I slow down and days go by. Then again one evening, I sit and ponder and see how days few by and that time is lost. There’s no thrill or any excitement in life.

I think that we all are different and born with different wished and different purposes. Each of us wants something and the most difficult is to identify that something. We have so many expectations from ourselves, in this world. We always want to see ourselves grow and move ahead. A stagnancy or even a slowdown makes us restless. I realise this and ask myself, Why do I have to be so hard on myself? When I ask this question to myself, I know that I know, I don’t have to be. But then even slowing down doesn't give contentment in long run.

It’s a difficult question for sure, with different answers for different people, in different situation and at different points of life. I don’t know if there is an exact answer or it’s quest for Life. As of now, I have decided I need to find the right balance for right now.

P.S. This post is more of questions than answers. I would like to hear your comments and your thoughts about Life and how do you set the balance. Or do you just go with the flow? Have you ever felt a deep satisfaction, ever?

Thursday, January 13, 2011



Like the sand that accompany the breeze,
Clear my mind
...Make me free

Like the palm that tune with the wind
Make me flexible
...Make me strong

Like the waves that greet the rocks
To celebrate now
...teach me how

Like the Nature that spreads unrestricted
Hold me in your arms
...And show me the unlimited in Me

- Megha

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Other Side


Sometime back I was in a situation and a few thoughts emerged…

Comparison and dissatisfaction are part of our life. With it brings a look out for different options than the current. Then we strive, think about it day and night, grudge about the present circumstances, swear names. We dream about the objective, find ways to achieve it. We work really hard for our objective. But very commonly it may happen that once you achieve it, it may lose it’s importance as if it never mattered or once you get on the grounds of the other side you start seeing the positive aspects of the current. It isn’t that bad, you think. Off course, this may not be the case with everything and everyone, but it’s not unusual too. 

The proverb ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is much true and so is the fascination for the road less travelled. Most often we are aware of the negative aspects of our objective subconsciously but still the drive for it is so strong that the issues appear minor, we blindfold ourselves and run behind it coz the grass on the other side looks more promising.

But I have noticed that we can actually weigh the situation or an objective correctly and practically on the scales only when we are aware and have been on both the sides, otherwise our decisions are always unguided and partial. Maybe that’s why they say ‘Experience matters’. Even a third person who isn’t in the situation cannot do justice many a times, he may give a practical advise, but he may not be in the same emotional front as we are. We can listen to everyone but the decision has to be taken solely by ourselves.

Actually, it’s a simple rule but still almost everyone falls into this trap, maybe coz we are humans and this is the way life works. We make choices, right and wrong, and then we learn, we gain experience.

Change is inevitable part of life. Today we are satisfied, tomorrow we may not be. Comparisons begin and we start for a same journey, yet again…

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Unsung Song


Walking in wilderness,
Through the way unmarked
Without destination
No expectations or doubts, when my soul will start

I want to walk and keep walking
For no one but for only me
Even if days go by
Without the food or society*

Wild nature and Loneliness
Will it bring me closer to ME?
The soul lost in this freaky society
Will then jerk from it's sleeping spree

That's the destination, it knows
Before it's ultimate sleep
But it's afraid to cross the line
The society is where it's still rooted deep

The society is cruel
With senses, pleasures, holds it strong
Time passes away…the soul never steps out for it’s journey
And dies wailing, his Life song died unsung
- Megha

* society refers to the materialistic society