Saturday, November 05, 2011


What's the word when we work in group or team? I think it is Trust. When trust, which is often taken for granted, is missing, it leaves a wide gap for misunderstanding and disinterest to creep in the team. Now that all of the team is working together towards a common goal, what is it that creates distrust?
- Aren't the members doing their job efficiently?
- Aren’t they qualified?
- Do they need training
- Are the expectations superficial?
- Is the distrust viable?
- Are the members given fair chance? etc
These are just few, there could be numerous and unfathomable reasons. Many of them may seem completely childish or unprofessional, nevertheless you see them happening in this corporate world of qualified experienced professionals.
Based on my more than six years of experience I can say that for many of the existing problems, it all boils down to some common reasons
A few to mention –
- People not aware of their role and responsibility
- Individual nature / Individual way of working
- Work scope not clear
- Training to handle people missing
For whatever reasons, we are not comfortable with some people, by the end of the day we have to work with them. We are a team and we have to adjust. That’s what all of us instruct our minds and also to others, thereby allowing the issues unattended to soar. We ignore (or that we are asked to ignore) but gradually the seed of bitterness gradually grows and affects the rest of the team and thereby affects efficiency and ultimately the work.
How much do companies try to do a root cause analysis and to find the real reasons of employee discontent or inefficiency? And if they do, when do they listen to the employee’s heart out, shouldn’t be at the end of the story, in exit interviews, isn’t it?
In such circumstances, what would the right thing to do? Keep aside the discontent, grudges and personal issues aside for the benefit of work? To give the other person, another chance? To escalate? Does anybody know the answer or is there any fixed answer?
To be contd…
P.S. This post is about my personal views. I am not trying to target any specific company nor do they relate to any company I have worked with. These views are purely based on my observations in the IT industry over years. Fortunately I have been happy in IT all these years and lucky to work with some good people on good assignments.


  1. Did you ever think that almost always the rewards are individual and yet we should work in teams.

  2. Interesting topic. I have worked in great teams, and not-so-great ones as well. Teamwork works when members are FOCUSED on the goal and nothing else matters in comparison. When you are working with great people who want to do GREAT work! Does anything else matter then?

  3. Mridula, I think it's a combination. We cannot work stand alone. I think group rewards like team lunch or outing also works but I agree that all that matters by the end of the day is individual appreciation and individual rewards.


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