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We make friends as we walk through different stages of life. Many fall back and some stay along. It is said that guys keep in touch long after the youth days. I don’t know if it’s true but it is true that girls mostly loose touch with friends as years pass by.

Even tough it is said that it’s good to just pick phone and say hi, sometimes email works much better. Just send a group mail and then wait for the fun with reply to all :) It works wonders. I have enjoyed those senseless bulk reply mails. It’s fun. But lately even that has lessened.

Yesterday I received a call from a very close friend, Ree whom I had spoken some months back. Unfortunately I missed it. Later at some time at 11:00 pm, I received an sms. It was from her. It read, ‘Hi megha, I am leaving for my wedding. my wedding is at my native place’. I was like, What? Now that’s something unique, isn’t it? I knew about her getting married in this month through another friend. We had discussed about attending the wedding. But the plan had fell off. Without wasting time I called her. We talked for a long time. She told me how busy she was and that she couldn’t send a formal invitation to any friend. I wasn’t angry on her. It was typical of Ree. Each one from our group have this tremendous potential to do weird things.

I wished her the best for the day. Hope we remain friends for the rest of the life and nothing comes between us!

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May you have a wonderful married life, Ree!

With Luv,


  1. It's true, I tell you - us the 'men' believe in living like king(reaching out to his subjects) out of our homes...needless to say what happens at home.

  2. My best wishes for Your Friend's Wedding.. :)

    I suggest you to go n attend her wedding, if possible.. :)

  3. Heartiest congratulations to your friend :)
    May you both cherish this beautiful bond of friendship forever :)

  4. @tangyorangesour
    actually everyone likes to live life kingsize but as u said guys try to reach their subjects much more than women. That's one thing that is commendable in guys.

    And one more thing that guys have an advantage is that they can go anywhere anytime alone, unlike girls who has to think of permission and safety.

    Yea...we had thought of attending the wedding but for some reasons we couldnt. She would be back to Mumbai soon and we are going to squeeze a big party out of her..

    @dialoguewith you
    Thanks, I am sure our bond would stay forever...

  5. That will be great.. :)
    & do not forget to get her a wedding gift! :P

    actually, my brother got married on 12th feb only n i met My n Brother's friends after so long.. it was awesome.. :D
    That is why i am being emotional about the wedding n sounding like a Wedding Adviser.. :P

  6. @Arpit
    uh yes...mostly i think of some small gold ornament...can u think of something else ? now that u are in the wedding planning mood ;)

    My best wishes for ur brother too :)

  7. Thanks for the best wishes! :)

    n Gold ornament sounds great..
    Dun knw much but you can buy some really nice earrings.. :)

  8. @Arpit
    yes, m thinking the same :)

  9. Well, its true that after distance separate us, then schedule gets tight and then we tend to drift away. Yet when we talk to a friend after a long time, it still feels like old times, the nice feeling.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. At least we have facebook now. With girls I guess priorities change with time especially post marriage. We have to worry about work, house, children, husband, plus parents on both sides. Friendship does matter, but at least with couples I have noticed there is a lot of change in the sense that you're suddenly part of a different crowd. If the child goes for soccer practice, then you're sitting along the sidelines with a different set of friends.

    But I think it speaks a lot for the friendship when you don't get to stay in touch (unfortunately) for a while, but once you meet up, then you start off where you last left without any resentment or grudges :-)


  11. @BA, Mia
    Yes, correct...when we talk, no matter after how many months or years we talk, it feels just like old days... and then reviving the memories gives so much happiness...

  12. congrats to ur frd,n i know talking to n old frd after long time is like such a gr8 feeling of happiness,hope u'll remain friends forever.....:)


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