Monday, December 05, 2011



I stepped out with a trust
Years back when I left this place

With dreams achieved
That I will return with grace

But shattered here I am
To see the locked door

Oh dear, You were my lifeguard
I feel like I'm swept off the shore

All the love that you showered on me
I was a coward not to take

I knew I made a mistake
Though my words may seem fake

But how does it matter now
Now that you are not here

And now this longing
And love I have for you

I don't understand
What to do
How to bear..

- Megha


  1. we should always value d gift of care n concern we get....:)

  2. @Beyond
    Is it...sometimes nothing is in our hands...

    I agree...but when we have it, why don;t we see it?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  3. dats wat i m saying dear,see/value it when we have it.....:) so dat we dont regret later!
    and if we dont see it,then dats our mistake for which we deserve to suffer such results.....

  4. God may have kept something better for you in store!:)

  5. @clouds
    hm...I agree with you...

    @rahul Bhatia
    It's just a composition :) Thanks a lot for reading and commenting

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Lovely words Megha but I like the picture even more!


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