Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gazing the horizon


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The new horizon

Not in my wildest dream
I thought I could reach this highest peak
Passing through the strongest storm
Even the failure failed to make me weak

I knew people would talk
And pull me down for all reasons
But they didn't see what I saw
All my way, my vision was my oxygen

The path was dangerously steep
The risks were high
But above all uncertainties
I am proud I did give a try

Standing at the top, my eyes are wet with gratitude
And heart heavy with pride
I have never felt such happiness
I feel it was worth all those strides

I start again for a new horizon
I know I can, no matter whatever comes
With the world under my wings
I feel the  FREEDOM
I feel the  FREEDOM


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  1. Beautiful poem !! Different perspective on being free !!

  2. Good to feel Free in such a poetic way!

  3. Beautiful poem Megha..Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

    Someone is Special

  4. Lovely poem! Good luck with BAT!

  5. dere really r so many situations u cud put dat to!
    i think sumday wen i finish my exms im gonna feel n want to say d exct same thing.
    wil remembr dis! :D

  6. Nice take on freedom. Enjoyed reading. Best of lcuck for Blog-a-ton.

    You can find my entry here In search of freedom

  7. The feeling is well communicated in these lines, and the struggle too, the high stakes and everything to loose. Yet, triumphant.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. One of the only few positive posts that I have seen and a nice narration of the journey and the end.

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

  9. Lovely poem. Makes me think of a bird about to fly away for the first time.
    All the best for BAT.

    PS. Do read a poem of my own, which is similar to the one you have written here. It is not my BAT entry, however.
    Into The Light

    My BAT entry is called Mother's Burden

    All the best. :)

  10. lovely poem..will serve as an inspiration to many (including me)!! :)

    hope you fly and reach new heights in the future..

    all the best for BAT.

    you can read my entry here---

  11. Lovely poem, some lines felt so nice to read...
    "I knew people would talk
    And pull me down for all reasons
    But they didn't see what I saw
    All my way, my vision was my oxygen"


    Good luck for BAT, read my entry here
    What Being Free meant for her

  12. a really nice poem and it is actually very inspirational...
    my entry.. FREE

  13. Good one... Achieving your dreams indeed gives a sense of freedom.. very well captured.

  14. wow words from the heart very nice megha...beautiful poem with positive end :)

    keep writing & smiling always ;
    all the best

  15. Beautiful !!
    Where most others have given a distinctly sombre overtone to the cue word, yours is the only post thus far that has an uplifting feel to it all through.
    Just brilliant !

  16. Your poem leaves to the mind the true essence of freedom, which one should stand upright and feel that he's really free. Lovely words and refreshing feel.

  17. lovely lines...beautifully crafted words!

  18. I think the writer was going on top of the mountain...well written..+1

  19. Lovely Poem Megha!!! :)

    And its good to see you back.. :)

  20. Thank you all for reading my post and leaving comments.

    Keep visiting :)

  21. Love the poem! Freedom is my favourite word!


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