Some more pictures

Sharing here some pics from my new new Nikon camera.


  1. both pics are equally wow!
    would love it if some more were there....:)

    hey check this,

  2. Heyy..

    Nice clicks..

    Visited your photoblog..

    Awesome hai.. :)

    Keep Clicking.. :)

  3. New camera, but just like old times. The same old freshness. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Ninu
    Thanks...btw it's not coolpix, it's DSLR D3100

    @Lemony Niraj :)
    Welcome back.. and thanks a lot!

    Thanks :) u can find them at my photoblog -

    Thanks a lot :) would like to see more of your clicks too


  5. in 2 nd pics u shud decrease ev .so that u can have more effective difference between rays of light.even u can expose the sensor by keeping less shutter speed.
    i hope this can help u .

  6. @Abhi
    what do u mean by ev?
    k my sutter speed was 1/30s

    thanks for the tip :) keep sharing!


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